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March 31, 2012
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FINALLY!!! Its done! Took me all Saturday! Tell me about the cat you created! Or just tell me which of the warrior cats you made! Hope you enjoy!
EDIT: I know there are several glitches, but I was trying to hurry and post it before I had to go to bed. Sorry ^ ^'
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randomkit Featured By Owner 2 days ago
i made jayfeather ._.
HeadMice Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Student Artist

Name: WillowFang (Silver tabby, green eyes, black stripes all over her body.) Starry Cat 
Gender: Female
Mother: RoseHeart (brownish-dark she-cat with brown eyes and a few light brown spots)
Father: OakTree (Silver tabby, brown eyes, black muzzle and underbelly.)
Rank: Warrior (Best trained warrior in the clan, can cetch rabbits,fish,and rats in under 10 seconds.)
Personality: Kind, Friendly (sometimes harsh) caring to elders loyal, trustworthy, and strong.
Mate: EchoShade (A drarkish gray tom with a white muzzle and underbelly and grey stripes)
kits: none
Sister: FrostLeap (Grayish-blue pelt with a white muzzle and underbelly and tail.)

*would make a story but im busy o3o*:la3d: La anim 50x47 
pinkieposh123 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Artist
Name: Rain star
Death: Crushed by boulder knocked by oppsosing cats
Mates: None
always happy
deputy: Leaping Stripe
RabbitdogAJ Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago
Name: Dogheart

Clan: Mistclan (A clan of cats, once started by a young warrior named Darklight, whom was kicked out of his clan. There known for being loyal, strong, trustworthy, and excellent fighters)

Rank: Medcat

Mother: Morningdew

Father: Scornstar

Sister(s): Barkpelt (brown she-cat, lime green eyes, Dark brown stripes Warrior) Lilacheart (Black cat, light purple eyes Deputy)

Brother(s): Red (Light brown cat, orange spots, Amber eyes, Elder)

Mate(s): Spiritflight (A light gray cat, dark grey markings, Light blue eyes Warrior)

Kit(s): Robinkit (A light orange kit, yellow eyes)

Appearance: A dark brown she-cat with amber eyes, and black markings.

Bio:             Btw: I will be writing her whole life :3))                  Dogkit padded out of the nursery den, looking up at highrock where her father, Scornstar stood. The brown tom looked down at the kit, frowning, ''Dogkit, what are you doing out of the nursery?'' He leaped down from highrock, looking at the kit. ''Does Amberheart know your out here?'' His eyes narrowed. She shook her head ''No, im just looking around, i wont stay-'' Dogkit  stopped speaking, as she could tell by the harsh look on his face he was dissapointed in her. ''Amberheart could be worried sick! You need to get back.'' He swayed his tail, jumping back onto highrock with an incredible leap, watching the kit. With a simple sigh, she walked back to the nursery, curling up beside Morningdew. Amberheart, A light orange cat, walked over to them both. ''Morningdew, would you like me to get you something from the fresh kill pile?'' The she-cat asked, looking down at Dogkit. ''Your kit looks alittle starved, too. I can get her a rabbit or two.'' Morningdew looked at Amberheart, her eyes softening as she looked at her kit. Dogkit nodded her head, as if she haven't ate all day. ''I would be very happy, Amberheart. Dogkit will be becoming an apprentice tomorrow.'' Amberheart darted over to the fresh kill pile, taking a few rabbits out of the fresh kill pile, quickly darting back to the nursery. ''I got a few rabbits you can use to spare for the sunhigh.'' The she-cat dropped the rabbits by them both, Darting away to attend another kit who was crawling out of the den. Dogkit took one of the rabbits, her ears flicking. Morningdew stood silently ''Sorry Dogkit, there's a patrol Scornstar commands me to attend, Amberheart,'' Morningdew pointed with her nose to her, ''Will be watching you while I'm gone.'' Morningdew rubbed her nose against the kits soft fur, padding away out of the Nursery. Dogkit quickly sniffled, pouncing onto one of the corpses of rabbit, Whispering to herself. ''Gotcha!'' Feeling pride in herself as she bit her tiny teeth into its pelt. Amberheart quickly darted over to her ''No, no! This has to feed other kits too, remember, your not the only one with a ceremony!'' Dogkit looked over at Barkkit and Lilackit, narrowing her eyes. ''Those two...'' she muttered to herself. ''Dogkit, you should get some sleep, your ceremony is tomorrow, kit.'' Amberheart nugded the kit down, licking her forhead. "I bet Scornstar will be so proud of you. Someday, you will have kits of your own to take care of.'' Amberhearts words gave Dogkit confidence, hoping to be an apprentice soon. Scornstar walked into the nursery, walking over to Amberheart. Dogkit listened into there conversation "Amberheart, I need Dogkit ready at Sunhigh, freshly fed and energized, same with all the other kits, this isn't an easy task feeding all these kits, since your kittypet life still concerns the clan on your trust. most of the Queens may refuse to let you feed the kits.'' Scornstar exclaimed, flicking his tail waiting for a reply. Amberheart, after you a few seconds replied, ''Sure they will, I've been working in this nursery for 2 moons now. Morningdew lets me feed Dogkit just perfectly.'' The tom looked at Dogkit with narrowed eyes ''Has she been well fed this week?'' ''Yes, she still hasn't ate the rabbit I gave her today, she may can go see Bagderleaf to see if shes okay.'' Scornstar walked out the den, returning to her deputy, Silentear, a deaf silver tabby with sharp green eyes. As soon as Dogkit woke up, she reported to highrock, right beside Scornstar. Mistclan silently gathered around.

Theme song: Anthem of the lonely by Nine Lashes

Death song: Safe and sound By Taylor Swift

Death: Died after giving birth to Robinkit.
HeadMice Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member Student Artist
Name: Foxpelt (female). has a brown pelt (almost fox looking) with dark spots, has green eyes, slender paws, white underbelly and tail.
personality: Kind, friendly, good hunter/fighter, swift.
Rank: Warrior
Clan: SwiftClan
Mate: Darkpelt. Personality: Friendly (sweet and kind to his mate Foxpelt) Kind to other clanmates, is the deputy of SwiftClan, Hangs with Foxpelt on his freetime.
Father to Foxpelt: Nightswift
Mother: Darkshine
Sister: Nightbreeze
Brother: Turtleshine
Kits: None.
SpicyMeatballsCat Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  New member
Im loving it Party Hard! 
YulianaValverde Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
thats the best maker ever!!!
runtyiscute1999 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Student General Artist
thank you!
YulianaValverde Featured By Owner 5 days ago
no problm ^u^
bramblestar12334 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 25, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
clan: sunclan
rank: deputy
mother: bloomingflower-heather colored she-cat with dark heather eyes 
father: blazefire-bright ginger tom with white paws pale yellow eyes
sister(s): dawnrise- pale heather she-cat with pale ginger paws and tailtip light blue eyes
brother(s): whiskerfire-ginger tom with white muzzle, paws, chest and underbelly yellow eyes (dead)
mate1: lilyheart- grey -she-cat with light brown underbelly, paws, chest and muzzle white splotches pale green eyes (left him for another tom)
kits1: badgerkit-black tomkit with white stripes green eyes(dead lilyheart killed him for the other tom to trust her)
mate2: delilahstripe- brown tabby she-cat with lighter underbelly dark green eyes (former kittypet)
kits2: daisykit- cream colored she-kit with black splotches bright yellow eyes-silverkit- unusual silver she-kit with cream colored stripes blue eyes
appearance: black tom with white underbelly and dark brown splotches (blind)
bio: sometimes rude, caring, nice, kind, helpful and observant
theme song: i hate everything about you three days grace (about lilyheart, the tom she left with)
death theme song: same thing lol
story:          blairpelt padded happily through the bushes and stopped when he heard voices, he reconised lilyheart and some other tom. he peared through the underbrush and saw lilyheart holding a limp figure in her jaws, badgerkit! she dropped the kit, he was dead.... the tom he reconised was hawkheart, i black tom with light brown stripes and blue eyes. he hissed, making sure they heard him, ''you mousebrain! killing our kit for another tom?! were through, and guess what?'' lilyheart growled, ''what?'' ''you two are out of the clan! one, for betraying me, and two, for killing a kit!'' he yowled. hawkheart growled, ''you can't do that!'' ''oh yeah? don't you remember..? im the deputy!'' he boldted toward camp, with badgerkit in his jaws, lilyheart and hawkheart chased after him, eyes glowing with fury. before they even reached camp, blairpelt had already told greystar. the she-cat growled, ''my daughter? i knew she was mad!'' lilyheart and hawkheart burst into camp, panting they glared at the angry clan cats. ''traitor!'' ''kit killer!'' they yowled, greystar leaped to the runningstream root and mewed, ''everyone is already here, so... i will say this once and once only! lilyheart and hawkheart, please step up.'' the two cat stepped toward the stream, ''since you betrayed you're mate, and worst of all, KILLED a kit.... i sentince you to exile!''
death story:                blairpelt stred face to face with lilyheart and hawkheart seasons later, he was about to become leader because greystar was becoming an elder soon. his chosen deputy, flameline, was beside him. lilyheart raked her claws across blairpelt's face, he yowled, leaping onto his former mate and pinning her with his weight. ''mousebrain!'' lilyheart growled, he sunk his claws into her throat. hawkheart kicked him off and pinned him, ''get off, hawkheart!'' he snarled, ''im not hawkHEART anymore! im just hawk! and that is lily!'' hawk spat. and pushed his claws into blairpelt's stomach, he wailed louder that he ever did before. ''delilahstripe- flameline!'' he wailed, hawk pulled up and jumped of, a massive gouge in his stomach bled. flameline chased off lily and hawk, but he coudl still feel there gazes in his pelt form within a bush. flameline raced over and delilahstripe came out of nowhere with her almost apprenticed kits, daisykit and silverkit. ''no!'' ''daddy?'' his kits melwed, ''blairpelt...?'' delilahstripe wheezed, ''please be ok!'' blairpelt lifted his head and rasped, ''i love you, delilahstripe.... see you... soon... my love...'' his head dropped, two tiny wet noses poked into his flank, silverkit and daisykit he thought. a large, dry nose pressed into his back, flameline. and one, nose he would never forget, delilahstripe's was on his forehead. ''i love you..'' was his last whisper. ''NO, DON'T LEAVE US!'' she wailed once he sighed and joined starclan.
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