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March 31, 2012
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FINALLY!!! Its done! Took me all Saturday! Tell me about the cat you created! Or just tell me which of the warrior cats you made! Hope you enjoy!
EDIT: I know there are several glitches, but I was trying to hurry and post it before I had to go to bed. Sorry ^ ^'
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Dustyclaus123 Featured By Owner Edited 23 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank: Deputy
Pelt: Dark Grey Light grey stomach and chest With black tabby stripes and yellow eyes
Brother/sisters: No sisters Brother: Darkstripe
Gender: shecat
Personailty: Quiet boring Beautiful caring (Around kits and mate though and close clanmates) Carefull around kits careful and Playful
other: Is blind (that's why always grumpy)
Theme song: Black cat/little fang
kits: none
Mate: none
History:One day the kit woke up and messed around in the corner of the nursery as her friend piled on theyre selfs as she slept in the corner The kits Thought she was too scary even though the Shadowclan cats Are almost supposed to look scary but they were only kits.. Just slept in the Corner as they Waited for the sun To come For theyre Ceromony The next day she sat in the back of The cats Sitting The next day She became thistlepaw She flicked her tail As she battle trained with her mentor Snaketail But She grew up to be a successful warrior she Didn't want a mate because having a mate to her Was Like Wasting Time of your life She sat down By her clanmate (who is her best friend) Blackfoot BEFORE he became leader Once the deputy died Thistlewing Became Deputy
death: Fighting in war
seal44444 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member
xd LOL awesome face OMG Soooooo coolAwesome Icon Awesome Icon Awesome Icon Awesome Icon Awesome Icon Awesome Icon Awesome Icon Awesome Icon Awesome Icon Awesome Icon Awesome Icon Awesome Icon Awesome Icon Awesome Icon Awesome Icon Awesome Icon 
Name: Alexis
Age: Unknown, said to be 26 moons
Clan: Loner
Rank: Loner
Gender: Female
Looks: Amber colored cat with darker, ruffled stripes with brown eyes
Mother: Addy (deceased)
Father: Graywind (deceased)
Brothers: Zach, Twig
Sisters: Wish
Personality: Stealthy, curious, brave
History: Originally from a place the Twolegs call France, Alexis was taken to a place with no food and hardly water. She horribly saw her mother's death and her father's killing. Alexis separated from her brothers, and lost her sister tragically one day. She found a small burrow, safe from badgers and foxes, and settled down. She met a loner named Bella and became her mate. 
Mate: Bella (she-cat)
Kits: Soon
Theme Song: We'll Be The Stars (Sabrina Carpenter)
Don't judge because of the mate. There is nothing wrong with that.
snowythewolf1987 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  New member
name: snowy
clan: starclan
rank: kit
gender: she-cat
apperence: white fur, turquoise eyes, small
age: 3 moons old
littermates: jaywing,hawkbreeze,wolfbreeze
backstory: snowy was 2 moons old and was found lost in a forest by thunderclan. they took her to thunderclan and at that time, she had no name.
they saw her white fur and turquoise eye and named her snowy. she was adopted by firestar. firestar was killed by tigerstar when snowy turned 3 moons old. snowy ran away from thunderclan to find the spirit of firestar. snowy was killed by tigerstar when thunderclan found her. her spirit always goes back to thunderclan.
InfinityFalls Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  New member
Name: SilverWings
Clan: Shadow
Gender: She
Age: 12 Moons
Rank: Warrior
Father: Unknown
Mother: Died After SilverFeather's Birth
Siblings: BlueStar
Kits: None Yet
Mate: BlazeHeart
Eyes: Light Blue
Coat: Rusty Coat With Calico Markings 
Personality: Eyes Change With Mood, A Good Fighter, Easily Emotionally Triggered (Sadness (White Eyes), Pain (Green Eyes), Anger (Red Eyes), Happiness (Pink Eyes) Etc.), Protective Of Her Mate, Family And Friends, Silent, Fast Reactor, [Blames Self For Mothers Death... Would That Be One? Idk Honestly...].

Name: BlueStar
Clan: Shadow
Gender: He
Age: 15 Moons
Rank: Warrior
Father: Unknown
Mother: Died After Sisters's Birth
Siblings: SilverWings
Kits: None Yet
Mate: None Yet
Eyes: Brown Hazel
Coat: Grey With Tan Underbelly And Muzzle And Brown Tabby Markings 
Personality: Fast, Witty, Tough, Careless, Obnoxious, Goofy, Always Smiles.

Name: BlazeHeart
Clan: Shadow
Age: 13 Moons
Rank: Apprentice
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: None
Kits: None Yet
Mate: SilverWings
Eyes: Green
Coat: Dark Brown With A Dark Orange Underbelly And Muzzle, Light Orange Paws And White Blotches.
Personalty: Smart, Fast, Caring (Sweet, Compassionate), Brave, Fun, Over-Protective Of SilverFeather {Only 'Family' Left}.

Enjoy! (Sorry If I Stole Your Name Ideas!!) kaomoji set 1 7/19 
: Had 2 Repost Because I Forgot BlazeHeart -_- :
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Clan: BeachClan
Rank: Warrior
Mother: SunFlower
Father: PantherStar
Brothers: FireFeather
Sisters: none
Mate: SilverTalon (added)
Looks: Dark gray-blue she-cat with pale ginger chest, and one pale ginger paw. Blue eyes, scar near nose and on foot.
Personality: Sarcastic, funny, nice, kind, protective, swift, clever, talented, great swimmer, laughs a lot, does get mad easily.

Clan: BeachClan
Rank: deputy
Mother: BirchLeaf
Father: CrowFoot
Brothers: DarkFur, and ShadeTree
Sisters: GingerStripe
Mate: SandThroat (added)
Kits: none
Looks: Pale gray tom with green eyes, white paws+chest, black ears, stripes, and tail
Personality: Kind, nice, caring, protective, funny, talented, swift.
sushicatreviews Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  New member Hobbyist Artist
name:Crystal paw
look:Blue fur with grey patches and black patches
age:17 moons old
mother:Shining paw[alive]
father:Mist shadow[alive]
siblings:Shadow paw[alive but lives away from home]
DovewingJayfeather Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  New member Student Photographer
Name- Silverstar (Silverstripe)
Gender- She-cat
Rank- Leader
Mate- Voleclaw
Kits- Mousepaw, Foxpaw, Smallpaw
Sister(s)- Mistheart
Brother(s)- Fishsplash
Apprentices- Gorsepaw (died), Pepplefur (alive), Cottonpelt (alive)
Looks- dark gray, light grey front paws and tail tip, darkish light gray stripes, light grey stomach, chest, half of bottom face, fur on head, green eyes
Lives left- 2
Lives taken- 7, 1-4) Fox Trap, 5) Tree Fall, 6-7) Drowned
Mentor(s)- Streampetal (dead, mid-training, Badger), Gorgeheart (lives, elder)
I made my newest oc Whitestrike!
Name: Whitestrike/paw/Lilly
Gender: She-cat
Talent: Striking opponents or prey with her paws, two-legs de-clawed her since she wouldn't stop clawing things up.
Mother: Misty, a mist white/grey skimpy, blue eyes and blind
Father: Unknown to her (Blackwing, he's in Dark Forest, black, white stripes, a small white "diamond" on his lower neck red eyes)
Sister(s): None
Brother(s): Henry (dark brown, amber eyes) and Zachary (looks a lot like Ravenpaw but with white socks and brown eyes)
Other relationships: Long distant cousin of Darkstripe, barley even related to him, step-sister of Tranton (Tr-ant-on) a brown tom, amber eyes, black socks
Looks: Black with white stripes, red eyes
Bio: When she was a kitty-pet, she was the largest of her littermates, but she was picked on for looking nothing like any relative that they knew, when she came back to around her old home, she found her brothers ganging up on an apprentice from ShadowClan, (it was lost) so she killed her brothers in battle, the apprentice ran back to ShadowClan, Whitestrike eventually killed her father and mother and after killing Gray/Greystripe (Fan-fic of course) and Squirrelflight, she realized what she had done, so she jumped off a cliff, she was still sent to Dark Forest where she constantly argues with Blackwing.
Theme: What I've Done- Linkin Park
Mates: None
Kits: Adopted Autumnleaf/paw/kit (She-cat, sand colored underbelly and mouth, closest to yellow, natural red and brown spots, basically the colors of Autumn giving her name, medicine cat)

If Blackwing is a taken name, please tell me and I'll change it, I've only read the first two books of Power of Three, reading the third and the very first. I love how this oc came out, and I never love how they come out, only like how they come out. She tried not to twist or whatever cats do to land on their feet, she succeded at that and that's how she succesfully killed herself.
Whitestrikes Personality: Hot-headed, friendly when your close to her, doesn't trust anyone easily
Whitestrikes rank: Loner, formerly of ShadowClan, that's why she protected the lost apprentice.
Autmnleaf's profile!
Name: Autumnleaf
Gender: She-cat
Talent: Sensing herbs and healing cats (REALLY good, she was able to barley heal a cat with Greencough, the cat almost died though)
Mother: She doesn't know her birth mother (Heatherstripe, white with a tiny tint of purple, light purple eyes), Foster mom: Whitestrike
Father: Oakpelt, wood brown, dark brown eyes
Sister(s): Rainclaw, light grey pelt, blue eyes. (brought Rainclaw all the way from when I first got into Warriors, I changed her to not be so Marry-Sue like)
Brother(s): NonE
Other relationships: Step-cousin of Henry and Zachary
Looks: her looks got changed a little, base pelt: red other: orange stripes, still has a sand colored mouth and underbelly
Bio: Her mother demanded for Oakpelt to leave her on the edge of ShadowClan territory, where Whitestrike foud her when she was about to starve to death, she never got fed until Whitestrike found her, she knew wanted to be a medicine cat because she was saved by one when she got real sick as a kit
Theme: Scarred- Jamestown Story Reason: She watched Whitestrike kill her own step-brothers when out looking for herbs and was scarred from the amount of blood there was, her mother used a stick with thorns and repeatedly stabbed the back of their necks
Mates: None due to the Warrior Code
Kits: None
Personality: Kind, forgiving, coward from her mother killing, has a really good memory, loyal to her clan even though she's not a warrior
Rank: Medicine-cat of ShadowClan
RabbitdogAJ Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015
(Im about to make A LONG COMMENT.) I wonder what would happen if either of these Oc's met mine, Deathstroke. Heres his stuffies:
Name: Deathstroke
Clan/status: Rouge. 
Past clan: Mistclan
Gender: Tom
Mother: Appletail ~Dead, Killed by Deathstroke~
Father: Deadeye ~Dead, Killed by Deathstroke~
Sister(s): Neonlight, Eclipse, Solartail.
Brother(s): Eonlight, Moonshadow, Scornstar.
Mate(s): Ferntail
Kit(s): Birdkit, Angelkit, Smallkit, Nightkit.
Appearance: A dark gray tom, with a slight darker gray markings, but a pitch black tail and front paws, light blue eyes.
Death song: Pain by Hollywood undead
Death story: Deathstroke's claws were covered in blood, along with his paws. ''Enough! Leave this forest now you Foxdung!'' He heard the cats screaming at him, he grinned wider, and sheathed his claws. ''Don't you remember me, Scornstar?'' Deathstroke knew Scornstar would say no, its been so long since his last encounter with Mistclan. ''Echosong. I know your scent mousebrain.'' Deathstroke bared his teeth, and unleashed his claws. ''No, I will rule this puny forest, even if it doesn't get rid of my dreams, I will rule something, of course im going to the Dark Forest, I'll haunt you even if i do die!" Deathstroke let out a battle cry, but stood silently as Scornstar gave his speech: ''Mistclan won't tolerate your actions Deathstroke-'' Scornstar was interrupted by a cat shoving by, it was Deadeye. ''MOUSEBRAIN!'' Scornstar yowled, as Deathstroke quickly clawed his fathers neck, his body fell with a thud, Lifeless. ''Whose next? Who wants to be like him?'' None of the cats spoke, but Ferntail. ''You're a monst-e-er!'' Deathstroke lowered his ears, and bared his teeth. ''Ask yourself, am I truly evil?'' ''YES!'' One cat shouted, but was soon disciplined ''Nighshade, don't make this harder than it already is.'' Scornstar glared at the gray tabby, with sharp amber eyes, but soon heard a tiny screech, and the voice of a familiar cat. ''I found this kit, it was hiding in-'' 'PUT THE KIT DOWN!'' The kit was Birdkit, the only cat who followed his father into the forest. The she-cat dropped the tiny kit, as it scrambled to its father's side. ''He's stolen a kit! Scornstar!'' A calico cat yelled, unsheathing her claws, charging at Deathstroke, along with two other cats. Deathstroke leapt on them both, Mistclan left horrified. He could feel there sharp protective claws, but his were as strong as a badgers. He clawed at both of the she-cats sides, but was kicked off soon enough, but landed on his feet, as they both charged. He quickly bit onto there necks, with another cat dangling onto his paw. The two she-cats leaped, and claws his underbelly, and another clawing his neck. He fell to the ground, andScornstar yowled, ''Enough!'' Deathstroke was breathing as deeply as he could, clinging onto his last breath as one cat looked over at him, Ferntail. ''Dea-'' ''N-o-o.. t-h-h-i-s...'' he could even barely talk, his body was drowning in blood. ''Deathstroke...''  Deathstroke looked up at her. ''Ta-ke ca-a-re, o-f- hi-m-m... for me..'' Birdkit screeched, and ran over to his father. ''No! Don't go please!'' Deathstroke looked up at his kit, and smiled. ''Dont worry. I will.''
Theme song: Been To Hell By Hollywood Undead.
Fun facts: Deathstroke is half persian, he got it from his dad, Deadeye. Deathstroke was a runt. Before deathstroke became a rouge, his real clan name was Echosong.
Evil level/Good level: Evil: 5/10 Good: 5/10.
Deathstroke x Ferntail: Fairytale by Alexander Ryback.
AlaskatheHetaian Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
I love how you had written out the death story! It doesn't really seem like a fan wrote it but Erin Hunter. Honestly! Cat nods 
RabbitdogAJ Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015
Why, Thank you ^-^
AlaskatheHetaian Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015
RJDreams Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015  New member Student Interface Designer
Name:Gingerpelt/Gingerpaw/Gingerkit/Sister called me Gingy :3
Clan(s): Born in Mistclan but Mistclan fell apart and Gingy went to Riverclan
Parents:Leafstar/Leafbreeze/Leafpaw/Leafkit(father, Orange tom with light blue eyes and white patches) Sunheart/Sunpaw/Sunkit(mother, mix of yellow and orange fur with turquoise eyes)
Mate(s):Stonetail/Stonepaw/Stonekit(big hearted light grey tom with puffy white tail and black ear tips and neck and mossy green eyes, was in Mistclan with Gingy)
Kit(s):Moonstar/Moonsky/Moonpaw/Moonkit( very light brown loyal tom and proud father of Gingy's granddaughter Gingerbreeze(she cat), he has blue eyes and his mate is Petalfall, and became leader of Riverclan after Oakstar) Hollybreeze/Hollypaw/Hollykit( happy very dark brown almost black long furred she cat with green eyes. Named after Gingy's best friend, Hollyheart. No mate or kits)Streamheart/Streampaw/Streamkit (Pretty silver she cat with white patches and is very quiet but will risk her life for her Clanmates. She has icy blue eyes and her mate is Shrewwing. She has given birth to 2 of Gingy's grandkits. Birchclaw(tom)and Daisyfeet(She cat).)
Personality:Gingy is a soft big hearted loyal warrior.
Description of what looks like :3: She is a light brown she cat with heavy fur and a fluffy tail with a white tip. She has pretty blue mysterious eyes and white patches. One white patch is around her right eye and her left eye is covered by heavy fur.
Mentor(s):Mistfang(Riverclan mentor) Minnowstream(Mistclan)
Sibling(s):Graykit(light grey tom with heather colored eyes. Died as kit. Blind :3 ) Flamepaw/Flamekit(Light yellow she cat with green eyes and white patches. Died as an apprentice.)
Rank(s):Kit,Apprentice,Warrior,Queen(Shes been these ranks :3)
Backstory: She lived happily in Mistclan with her siblings and the cute shy tom Stonekit. But when badgers attack the camp, Graykit died. The three friends,(Flamekit Gingerkit and Stonekit) became apprentices. Many moons after, Dogs attack the camp. Flamepaw pulled Gingerpaw out of camp. "We have to leave" her mew had been urgent, and Gingerpaw had to trust her. They met a cat named Hollypaw(as Flamepaw called little kit) and Gingy and Hollypaw became bffs. One night, Flamepaw disappeared and Gingy was unable to find her. Though she was upset, she had to move on. She met a she cat in the forest named Whitepaw. She was a Black she cat with one blue eye and one pale white and sightless. Whitepaw said they needed new warriors and Gingy told her she was from a far away Clan, and Riverclan accepted her. Soon she met Stonepaw in the forest. He explained he had run away with his mother, Rowanlight, and she had died on the way. Gingy told Riverclan's leader, Snowstar, who Stonepaw was and she let him in. Hollypaw got her warrior name and her Clan fell apart. Riverclan invited her in. Hollypaw was Hollyheart. Gingy soon got her warrior name, Gingerpelt. At that time, Stonepaw and Gingy realized they liked each other. When Stonepaw got his warrior name, Stonetail, He asked Gingy to be his mate. She said yes of course :3. They soon had three kits but when the kits were only 2 moons old, Stonetail was killed by a badger. Gingy was, Of course, beyond upset. When the kits were 8 moons old(they were apprentices) Gingy died. That's Gingy's life in short version X3.

I Made p this cat, srry if shes a real character I'm only on Power Of Three, Outcast

AlaskatheHetaian Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015
No, I looked it up and the closest thing to Gingerpelt's name is Cinderpelt.
RJDreams Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member Student Interface Designer
AlaskatheHetaian Featured By Owner 6 days ago
:D (Big Grin) 
RJDreams Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member Student Interface Designer
RainbowtailArt Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015  New member Student Digital Artist
name: Moonshadow/star
Age:19 moons
Looks: silver tabby with dark blue eyes
Rank: warrior
Clan: ThunderClan
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rank: Warrior
Clan: Thunder/Blood/Shadow/rogue/Kittypet/Loner/Thunderclan
Mother: Iceflower
Father: Pantherclaw
Step father: Hazeltail
Brothers: Firestrike, Darksoul,
Sisters: Tigershadow, Wolfspirit, Flashspirit, Panthertooth, Jewelpelt
Half Brothers: Thundercloud, Clawfoot, Ashpath, Crowfoot, and Skyfall
Half Sisters: Dogheart, Bunnyleap, Twilightsong, Dawnbird, Flowerripple, Forestshade, and Waternose
Mate: Bramblethorn
Ex mates: Ambercloud, Shadows,
Gingerheartwarrior Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015
Oh gawd making a full Clan.
Leader: Stormstar (Done)
Deputy: Shininglight (Done)
Medicine Cat: Gingerleaf (Done)
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Mintpaw (Done)

I'm going to make all these cats, even if it kills me.

The form I will use for all of them:

Here is the first one:
Name: Stormstar
Gender: Male
Age: 30 moons
Rank: Leader (Lives: 6/9)
Personality: Loyal, protective, and kind.
History: He was born in a different Clan (he doesn't remember the name) along with his sisters and brother. His family was exiled (he doesn't like to talk about it or mention it) so he decided to start StreamClan.
Looks: Dark gray tom with brown eyes and light gray spots
Mother: Gingerheart
Father: Smokeheart
Sisters: Snowfall, Mapleleaf, Bluepelt
Brothers: Sunfur
Mate: Flameheart
Kits: Graykit, Shadekit, Crystalkit
Other: None

Second, third, and so on (may have to comment on this comment to finish them LOL):
Name: Shininglight
Gender: Female
Age: 20 moons
Rank: Deputy
Personality: Shy, kind, loyal, and doesn't get into trouble
History: She doesn't like sharing it
Looks: Pure white she-cat with beautiful ice-blue eyes and a light gray tailtip and star on her chest.
Mother: Spottedpool
Father: Deceased
Sisters: Leaffall
Brothers: Lionstrike
Mate: None
Kits: None
Other: None

Name: Gingerleaf
Gender: Female
Age: 19 moons (youngest medicine cat in Clan history!!!!!)
Rank: Medicine Cat
Personality: She is caring for her Clanmates and any friendly cats in need, and is a very good mentor to Mintpaw.
History: She was taken into StreamClan as a young kit, and raised in the ways of a medicine cat by her mentor, Brambleherb (deceased).
Looks: She is a ginger tabby she-cat with striking deep blue eyes and white paws. She also has a scar over her right eye and a missing left ear.
Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased
Sisters: Lucy
Brothers: Lucas
Mate: Forbidden
Kits: Forbidden
Other: None

Name: Mintpaw
Gender: Female
Age: 10 moons
Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice
Personality: She is like her mentor.
History: She doesn't like to share it.
Looks: Light gray she-cat with light brown eyes.
Mother: Grasspelt
Father: Breezefur
Sisters: Thornpaw
Brothers: Thistlepaw
Mate: Forbidden
Kits: Forbidden
Other: None

I will comment on this comment with more cats. Ugh this is taking so long.
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Deputy: Wolfshadow
Med cat: Survivalsoul

Freddyfaz cat
Mangledfur (expecting kits)
Toy Chica
Toy Chica: Carlkit, Shadowkit, Goldenkit,
None XD

Yes this clan is very random it's just MY clan
Lpslily Featured By Owner Edited Feb 13, 2015
looks:blueish grey she cat with one amber eye and one blue eye
father:breezeheart(black tom with blue eyes) deputy
mother:spottedpelt(tortishell she cat with yellow eyes)
brother:thistlefur(dark grey tabby tom with amber eyes)
sisters:whitemoon(white she cat with black paws and blue eyes)hollyfrost(tortishell she cat with green eyes)
mate:brokenheart(red tom with green eyes)
kits:foxkit(red tabby tom)moonkit(light grey she cat with sky blue eyes)
LittleBlackWolf123 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 10, 2015  New member
Name: ShadowPaw
Gender: Female
Age:24 moons
Clan: Thunderclan
Rank: Deputy
Appearance: White tabby with black and gray spots
Personality: Sneaky, Hot head, 
Parents: Pheonixtail (Lovely and nice queen)  and her father is unknown >:D
Apprentice: Skypaw
Closest friends: Skypaw, ~All of the kits~, Foxtail
artheaven380 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015
Name: Feathercloud
Gender: Female
Age: 18 moons
Clan: Rverclan
Rank: Young Queen
Appearance: Gray Tabby with darker flecks; White chest and belly hair, Very thick fur and fluffy tail; Gentle blue eyes
Personality: Gentle, Sweet, Kind, Protective of kits
Parents: Moonshine (Gentle and Loving Queen) Whitewhisker (Loyal Clan Deputy who died when Feathercloud was an apprentice)
Littermates: Silverleaf (Young She-Cat Warrior) Snowfeather (Medicine She-Cat, Skypaw as apprentice)
Mentor: Swiftstorm
Mate: Weedclaw
Kits: Birdkit, Shellkit
Apprentice: None
Closest Friends: Nettlespots, Whitepoppy, Leafshade
Enemies: Unlike her other 2 sisters, she is very forgiving so she does not have any enemies.

Name: Snowfeather
Gender: Female
Age: 18 moons
Clan: Riverclan
Rank: Medicine Cat
Appearance: Pure white she-cat with pale grey eartips; slim and slender with very sleek fur; thin coat; Wide leaf-green eyes
Personality: Impatient, Caring for clanmates, Humourous, Loyal, Extremely intelligent
Parents: Moonshine (Gentle and Loving Queen) Whitewhisker (Loyal Clan Deputy who died when Snowfeather was an apprentice)
Littermates:  Silverleaf (Young She-Cat Warrior) Feathercloud (Young Queen with 2 kits)
Mentor: Shadewhisker
Mate: Not Allowed
Kits: Not Allowed
Apprentice: Skypaw (Medicine Cat Apprentice)
Closest Friends: Skypaw, Willowflight, Waterlily
Enemies: Darkclaw, killed her father Whitewhisker 

Name: Skypaw
Gender: Female
Age: 8 moons
Clan: Riverclan
Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice
Appearance: Very Pale Grey She-Cat with Grey Patches; Sleek fur and fluffy tail; Dark eartips; Big Sky-blue eyes
Personality: Hyper, Active, Great Memory for herbs, Silly, Humorous, Sweet
Parents: Echobreeze (Old Gentle Queen, Skypaw was in her 4th litter) Patchfur (Respected Senior Warrior)
Littermates: Morningpaw, Ripplepaw
Mentor: Snowfeather
Mate: None
Kits: None
Apprentice: None
Closest Friends: Twilightpaw (Windclan Medicine Cat Apprentice), Heavypaw, Dapplepaw
Enemies: Dewpaw (Shadow Clan Apprentice) Teases her a lot
artheaven380 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
Name: Silverleaf
Gender: Female
Age: 18 moons
Clan: Riverclan
Rank: Young Warrior, dreams to have kits some day
Appearance: Slender and Beautiful; Thick and sleek silvery coat; Unusual forest green eyes
Personality: Intelligent and extremely loyal 
Parents: Moonshine (Gentle and Loving Queen) Whitewhisker (Loyal Clan Deputy who died when Silverleaf was an apprentice) 
Littermates: Feathercloud (Young Queen with 2 kits) Snowfeather (Medicine She-Cat, Skypaw as apprentice)
Mentor: Redstripe (Current Riverclan Deputy)
Mate: Flameheart
Apprentice: Sweetpaw
Closest Friends: Nettlespots, Dusklight, Dawnwater, Willowflight (Lots of friends because of friendly nature) 
Enemies: Darkclaw, killed her father Whitewhisker 
Gingerheartwarrior Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015
Name: Blazingheart
Gender: Female
Age: 19 moons
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank: Warrior, but highly respected like she was a leader
Appearance: She looks just like Firestar: Bright green eyes, and a bright orange pelt.
Personality: She is kind, caring, and loyal to her Clan, and in battle, does not kill unless completely necessary. Follows the warrior code strongly, except she may have a mate in WindClan, but no one knows.
History: She was Clanborn along with her brothers and sister, and they are highly respected as leaders. Probably because they're related to Firestar.
Mother: Brightheart
Father: Cloudtail
Brothers: Icefire (White tom with bright orange patches and bright blue eyes (basically like Brightheart without the scars)), Lionpelt (Looks like Firestar except has bright blue eyes)
Sister: Frostmoon (White she-cat with ice blue eyes)
Mate: Sparrowfeather
Kits: Soon to have 2, and their names and genders will be: Moonkit(shine) (She-Kit) and Lightkit(fall) (Tom)
Friends: Basicaly everyone in ThunderClan and her mate in WindClan
Enemies: Basically almost all of ShadowClan and WindClan, and RiverClan as well.
Other Relatives (OMG there's a ton in the family tree (actually looked it up), better start naming them!): Firestar, Princess, Sandstorm, Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Bramblestar, Whitewing, Ivypool, Dovewing, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Nutmeg, Jake, Quince, Scourge, Ruby, Socks, Lionblaze, Cinderheart, Windstar, Gorsestar, Bramblestar, Deadfoot, Ashfoot, Crowfeather, Eaglekit, Meadowslip, Hickorynose, Pigeonpaw, Sorrelpaw (x2), Fernpaw, Nightcloud, Breezepelt, Fallen Leaves, Cinderheart, Hollypaw, Sorrelpaw, Fernpaw, Amberpaw, Snowpaw, Dewpaw, Birchfall, Bumblestripe (Phew! That's a lot!)
Other: None
ParrotLuver Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015  New member
Name: DarkPaw
Clan: Windclan
Rank: Apprentice
Mother: Heathertail
Father: Breezepelt
Siblings: Lilacpaw-Pale brown she-cat, Thistlepaw-Black and white tom
Enemies: Lionblaze, Cinderheart, Bramblestar, AND ALL THUNDERCLAN CURSE YOU! 
Looks: Pure black shecat with golden eyes
LEDLELD Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015  New member Student Digital Artist
I made me as a warrior cat.Daisy Lick Icon LOL, closes I could find to it 
sparklingabsol Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  New member Student General Artist
colors-yellowish with bright orange stripes, ginger spots, and cream tail, feet, and underbelly. she has light blue eyes.
flamingshadow330 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Name: PoppyPaw
Moons: 7
Gender: She-Cat
Clan: NightClan
Personality: Hyper, Crazy, Cocky, and Know-It-All. But can be  Confident, Sarcastic, Intelligent, and Arrogant.
Crush ( Because she cant have a mate yet ): Emberpaw
Kits: N/A
Parents: AutumnLeaf (Mother, Medicine cat) and Flicker ( Rogue, Father )
Siblings: Jadepaw, Fallenkit, Lighter ( Lighter is a rogue, like her father )
Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: A dark brown with lighter brown stripes, maple-colored legs, brown, white and honey paws and a tail fading from dark brown to white. Tortoiseshell white multi-colored spots.
Mentor: ShatteredHeart
Eyes: An amber-red

Name: Emberpaw
Moons: 7
Gender: Tom
Clan: NightClan
Personality: Cocky, Arrogant, Strong, Wise, Can be tons of fun, Know-It-All, Hyper at times.
Crush( es ) ( Because he cant have a mate yet ): Poppypaw, Primpaw
Kits: N/A
Parents: Magmapool ( Mother, Queen ) and Lavatongue ( Father, Warrior )
Siblings: Fadedpaw
Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Black tom with a white underbelly. Orange and brown spots. Same with his stripes, except lighter. Faded tail from Brown to light orange.
Mentor: Honeycloud
Eyes: A gleaming yellow

Name: Primpaw
Moons: 7
Gender: She-cat
Clan: NightClan
Personality: Calm, Intelligent, Confident, Know-It-All
Crush ( Because she cant have a mate yet ): Emberpaw, FalconTalon ( FalconTalon is her mentor )
Kits: N/A
Parents: Colan ( Kittypet, Father ) and Affair ( Loner, Mother, Dead )
Siblings: They are all dead, sadly. They died during birth.
Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Peach-colored she with Dark brown stripes all over her body, and one white paw. End of her tail is white as well.
Mentor: FalconTalon
Eyes: Blue, but don't worry, she isn't blind.

ghostdragon500 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 21, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
It's really nice! I don't know if this is already a warrior but I named my cat Foxpaw(tail) of Thunderclan. He has a flame-colored pelt, with his chest and the tip of his tail fur a tan color, his front paws/legs have a dark brown color. He has brown eyes. Currently an apprentice of Lionmane.
topnotch0060 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 18, 2015
Name: Mistedfang
Moons: 25
Gender: Female
Breed: Snowshoe 
Clan: MountainClan <(Iciclestar's mate, Swiftstar, is the leader of MountainClan)
Personality: A shy but friendly she-cat with brown eyes, the colour of soil and a fluffy tail
Mate: Rippledheart
Kits: Whitekit/paw(deceased), Snowkit/paw/fang, Swallowkit/paw/wing(deceased), Amberkit/paw/tail
Mother and father: Shallowstar(father), Minnowfang(mother) 
Death: One day, Mistedfang and Rippledheart were out on a patrol, some other cats were there on the patrol too, Skytail, Moonchaser, Flamestare and Snakefang. They were checking if any cat were on their territory. A few heartbeats later, Mistedfang heard a yowl, Mistedfang jumped, Rippledheart leaped in front of her to protect her, suddenly Skytail came limping out, quickly, Skytail hissed, ''Run! We're in trouble!'' Moonchaser yowled a retreating order, the cats ran off, Mistedfang stared in horror as Skytail was being shredded to pieces by a dog, it was unbearable, they didn't stop running, until Flamestare growled, ''Mistedfang! Go! Now!'' Mistedfang stared as the dog came towards her, its jaw splattered with blood as its blood-stained teeth were shown. Rippledheart had to choice but to save Mistedfang, he leaped out to save her, Mistedfang glared in anger at the dog. ''My sister...'' Mistedfang suddenly cried, Rippledheart hissed and spat at the dog, the cats hadn't waited, they ran, they had no choice, Rippledheart was thrown away from the dog, the dog leaped at Mistedfang, Rippledheart screeched in anger, but it was too late, the dog locked its jaws on Mistedfang's neck, blood was being thrown everywhere as the dog shook the life out of her, Rippledheart screeched again, tears dropped from his eyes as he saw Mistedfang's limp body on the ground, Rippledheart ran for his life, while Mistedfang went to hunt with StarClan...
Gingerheartwarrior Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015
Blue-gray she-cat with every gray marking except for stripes. Has pink eyes.
20 moons
Quiet, shy, strong, good hunter, friendly, and loyal.
Yellowclaw, Graypelt, Whitefang, Amber (Kit turned kittypet)
No siblings
Goldenfur (father) and Silverheart (Mother)
Her apprentice at the moment is Brightpaw.
Woodwhisker Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  New member Student Digital Artist
do you mind if I make a cat with only color and eyes so I can draw the pattern on the paint tool? (the pattern of my cat isn't on this)
runtyiscute1999 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Student General Artist
sure just credit me
Woodwhisker Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  New member Student Digital Artist
okay thanks ^o^
rose111506 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015  Student Artist
Durp. I have a durp cat. :P
Nightstorm76 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015
Name: Rainstorm
Gender: She-cat
Age: 18 moons
Looks: Silver tabby with crystal blue eyes
Personality: Shy,Feirce,Strong,Sweet,Friendly
Mate: Storm
Kits: Leafkit, Pinekit, Bramblekit, Cinderkit, Rainkit, Stormkit
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: Queen
Siblings: Frost,Flame,Speckle,Talon
Parents: Hawk and Eagle
Apprentices: None
AmberFrost619 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Name: Pain
Gender : She-cat
Age: 7 moons
Looks: a purple gray fur, with bright purple eyes
Personality : dark sense of humor, loves seeing others scared or in pain , hates being laughed at, hates being thought small or weak , sneaky 
Mate : none
Kits :none 
Crush : Slash
Clan : is gang lead by a cat named Venom
Rank : is just kinda like a warrior ish 
Siblings :Jaw and Toxic
Parents : Riddle and Scar
Apprentices : none
AmberFrost619 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Name : EarthSong
Gender : She-cat
Age : 12 moons
Looks: a mild brown pelt with forest green eyes she has a gray stomach, a few gray spots, lastly she has black spots,paws,and tail
Personality: Determined, sweet, caring, a good sense of justices, friendly, easily impressed
Mate: none
Kits : none
Crush : Bat
Clan : Snow Clan
Rank : Medic Cat
Siblings : LakeHeart (sister) and QuickFoot (brother)
Parents : WinterStar (father) and IceLily (mother)
Apprentices : none
Pinkjuice12 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 1, 2015
Name: Frogpaw
Gender: She-cat
Age: 7 Moons
Looks: Black pelt with whits spots and dark blue eyes
Personality: Kind, Shy, Caring
Mate: None
Kits: None
Crush: None
Clan: Puddleclan
Rank: Apprentice 
Siblings: Blackpaw(tom)
Parents: Rivertail(mother) and Nightheart(father)
Apprentices: None
Rainbowrockguitarist Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Hawkstripe
Gender: She-cat
Age: 18 Moons
Looks: Dark Brown Pelt With Darker Stripes
Personality: Deciving, False Charm, Sneaky
Mate: None
Crush: None
Kits: None
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank: Warrior
Sibilings: Scarheart
Parents: Tigerstar and Sandstorm
Apprentices: None
zane-nijago98 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014
Name: Swiftpelt
Gender: Tom
Age: 18 moons
Looks: Light brown pelt with black patches
Personality: Silly, clumsy, and loves adventures
Mate: None
Crush: Mistyfur
Kits: None
Clan: Leafclan
Rank: Warrior
Siblings: None
Parents: Silvertail(mom), Ravenflight(dad)
Apprentice: None
HollyleafxScourge Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
Name: Tigerstripe
Gender: Female
Age: 35 moons old
Looks: yellow fur with orange stripes and green eyes
Personality: stubborn, adventurous, and protective of her family
Crush: Lionstar
Mate: Lionstar
Kits: Expecting
Rank: Queen
Siblings: Palelight
Parents: Dawnheart and Suntail
Apprentices: Unknown

Name: Lionstar
Gender: Male
Age: 36 moons old
Looks: golden fur with thick fur around his neck, blue eyes
Personality: calm, kind, and smart
Crush: Tigerstirpe
Mate: Tigerstripe
Kits: Expecting
Rank: Leader
Siblings: Duststorm
Parents: Oaktail and Flowerclaw
Apprentices: Unknown

Name: Palelight
Gender: Female
Ag: 35 moons old
Looks: white fur, with black ears, paws, muzzle, and tail-tip, blue eyes
Personality: sometimes stubborn, adventurous, and mostly calm
Crush: Duststorm
Mate: Duststrm
Kits: Expecting
Rank: Queen
Siblings: Tigerstripe
Parents: Dawnheart and Suntail
Apprentices: None

Name: Dawnheart
Gender: Female
Age: 65 moons old
Looks: white she-cat with yellow paws, ears, and tail-tip, green eyes
Personality: calm, quiet, smart
Crush: Suntail
Mate: Suntail
Kits: Tigerstripe and Palelight
Rank: Elder
Siblings: None
Parents: Unknown
Apprentices: Unknown

Name: Suntail
Gender: Male
Age: 65 moons old
Looks: black fur, orange tail, blue eyes
Personality: calm, smart, stubborn
Crush: Dawnheart
Mate: Dawnheart
Kits: Tigerstripe and Palelight
Rank: Elder
Siblings: None
Parents: Unknown
Apprentices: Unknown

Name: Duststorm
Gender: Male
Age: 36 moons old
Looks: brown tabby fur with amber eyes
Personality: adventurous, stubborn, brave
Crush: Palelight
Mate: Palelight
Kits: Expecting
Rank: Warrior
Siblings: Lionstar
Parents: Oaktail and Flowerclaw
Apprentices: Unknown

Name: Oaktail
Gender: Male
Age: 66 moons old
Looks: golden brown tabby fur, with dark amber eyes and thick fur around his neck
Personality: calm, quiet, grumpy at times
Crush: Flowerclaw
Mate: Flowerclaw
Kits: Lionstar and Duststorm
Rank: Elder
Siblings: None
Parents: Unknown
Apprentices: Unknown

Name: Flowerclaw
Gender: Female
Age: 66 moons old
Looks: cream-colored fur with white paws and green eyes
Personality: quiet, can be grumpy at times, loves kits
Crush: Oaktail
Mate: Oaktail
Kits: Lionstar and Duststorm
Rank: Elder
Siblings: None
Parents: Unknown
Apprentices: Unknown
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DeadloxLover1010, that is so stupid I hate it when people post things like that. And now I know it's not just on Youtube.
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