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March 31, 2012
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FINALLY!!! Its done! Took me all Saturday! Tell me about the cat you created! Or just tell me which of the warrior cats you made! Hope you enjoy!
EDIT: I know there are several glitches, but I was trying to hurry and post it before I had to go to bed. Sorry ^ ^'
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Faithluvsu Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  New member Student Interface Designer
Normal name: Firestripe

Apprentice name: Firepaw

Warriors name: Firestripe :p

Deputy name: Firetail

Leader name: Firestar

Mother: Froststripe

Father: Darkstripe

Brother: Starstripe

Sister: Cinderstripe

Mate: Cindercute (she's dead so he took her spot and became HeartClan leader)

Past Clan: Thunderclan

Clan: HeartClan(leader)
Personality: Grumpy/sarcastic
xRandomKittyArtistx Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Student Artist
Kittypet name: Gray
Apprentice name: Graypaw
Warrior name: Grayspots
Deputy name: Grayleaf (Gray spotted and striped cat  with white ear tips)
Father: Lynxstar (My warrior cat fursona) (White and orange lynx, with green eyes)
Mother: Moonbadger (My other warrior cat fursona.. xD) (Black she-cat with gray spots, and white paws/chest fur and ears)
Sisters: Fluffykit (White and gray kit), snowkit (White kit with light-gray stripes and blue eyes), featherpaw (Looks like Feathertail, but has pink eyes) and Ivykit (Gray and white kit with purple eyes) [Dead]
Brothers: Foxpaw (Looks like Lynxstar, but with yellow eyes) and Adderkit (A gray tom with one half of his face black, and with a scratch on his eye, with white and black paws and stripes)
Mate: Brownfur (A brown-shaded she-cat with one white paw)
Kits: Silverkit (Gray and light-gray she cat with blue eyes) [Dead], Whitekit (White kit with orange eyes) and bramblekit (Brown and black/white with amber eyes)
Clan: Thunderclan
Past clan: Skyclan
Faithluvsu Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Student Interface Designer
nice! :D awesome!
xRandomKittyArtistx Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Student Artist
Nya! Thanks~
Faithluvsu Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student Interface Designer
Normal name: Cindercute

Apprentence name: Cinderpaw

Warrior name: Cinderheart

Medicince cat name: Cinderleaf

Deputy name: Cindertail

Leader name: Cinderstar

Mother: Cinderpelt

Father: Firestar (ik ik cinderpelt and firestar aren't together..)

Mate: Firestripe (meh other made up character)

Past Clan: ThunderClan

Current Clan: HeartClan (meh made up Clan :3)

RabbitdogAJ Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago
Name: Deathstroke

Clan/status: Rouge.

Past clan: Mistclan

Gender: Tom

Mother: Appletail ~Dead, Killed by Deathstroke~

Father: Deadeye ~Dead, Killed by Deathstroke~

Sister(s): Neonlight, Eclipse, Solartail.

Brother(s): Eonlight, Moonshadow, Scornstar.

Mate(s): Ferntail

Kit(s): Birdkit, Angelkit, Smallkit, Nightkit.

Appearance: A dark gray tom, with a slight darker gray markings, but a pitch black tail and front paws, light blue eyes.

Death song: Pain by Hollywood undead

Death story: Deathstroke's claws were covered in blood, along with his paws. ''Enough! Leave this forest now you Foxdung!'' He heard the cats screaming at him, he grinned wider, and sheathed his claws. ''Don't you remember me, Scornstar?'' Deathstroke knew Scornstar would say no, its been so long since his last encounter with Mistclan. ''Echosong. I know your scent mousebrain.'' Deathstroke bared his teeth, and unleashed his claws. ''No, I will rule this puny forest, even if it doesn't get rid of my dreams, I will rule something, of course im going to the Dark Forest, I'll haunt you even if i do die!" Deathstroke let out a battle cry, but stood silently as Scornstar gave his speech: ''Mistclan won't tolerate your actions Deathstroke-'' Scornstar was interrupted by a cat shoving by, it was Deadeye. ''MOUSEBRAIN!'' Scornstar yowled, as Deathstroke quickly clawed his fathers neck, his body fell with a thud, Lifeless. ''Whose next? Who wants to be like him?'' None of the cats spoke, but Ferntail. ''You're a monst-e-er!'' Deathstroke lowered his ears, and bared his teeth. ''Ask yourself, am I truly evil?'' ''YES!'' One cat shouted, but was soon disciplined ''Nighshade, don't make this harder than it already is.'' Scornstar glared at the gray tabby, with sharp amber eyes, but soon heard a tiny screech, and the voice of a familiar cat. ''I found this kit, it was hiding in-'' 'PUT THE KIT DOWN!'' The kit was Birdkit, the only cat who followed his father into the forest. The she-cat dropped the tiny kit, as it scrambled to its father's side. ''He's stolen a kit! Scornstar!'' A calico cat yelled, unsheathing her claws, charging at Deathstroke, along with two other cats. Deathstroke leapt on them both, Mistclan left horrified. He could feel there sharp protective claws, but his were as strong as a badgers. He clawed at both of the she-cats sides, but was kicked off soon enough, but landed on his feet, as they both charged. He quickly bit onto there necks, with another cat dangling onto his paw. The two she-cats leaped, and claws his underbelly, and another clawing his neck. He fell to the ground, and Scornstar yowled, ''Enough!'' Deathstroke was breathing as deeply as he could, clinging onto his last breath as one cat looked over at him, Ferntail. ''Dea-'' ''N-o-o.. t-h-h-i-s...'' he could even barely talk, his body was drowning in blood. ''Deathstroke...''  Deathstroke looked up at her. ''Ta-ke ca-a-re, o-f- hi-m-m... for me..'' Birdkit screeched, and ran over to his father. ''No! Don't go please!'' Deathstroke looked up at his kit, and smiled. ''Dont worry. I will.''
Theme song: Been To Hell By Hollywood Undead.

Fun facts: Deathstroke is half persian, he got it from his dad, Deadeye. Deathstroke was a runt. Before deathstroke became a rouge, his real clan name was Echosong.

Evil level/Good level: Evil: 5/10 Good: 5/10.

Deathstroke x Ferntail: Fairytale by Alexander Ryback.
FluttershyYayzies Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  New member Student Digital Artist
Name: Glowingpaw
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: Apprentice
Looks: golden tabby shecat with glowing amber eyes
Mother: Creekflower ~beautiful pale brown tabby shecat with unusual blue eyes~
Father: Gorseclaw ~gray tabby tom with blue eyes~
Sisters: Bushstar ~brown tabby shecat with green bushy eyes and a bushy tail, leader of RiverClan~
Brothers: Drowningwater ~blue/gray tom with deep ocean blue eyes~
Mate: Palepaw (Palefur) ~light gray tom with dark gray paws, tip of tail, and chest, midnight blue eyes~
Mentor: Thrushwing ~dark gray shecat with curious green eyes~
Theme Song: All About That Bass {Megan Trainer}
Quote: "It's better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you're not."
Personality: Glowingpaw is sweet and innocent. She is popular in her Clan.  She is shy, awkward and acts cowardly also. Her crush is Palepaw, and he likes her too. She was the runt of the litter. She is also determined, cunning, and unbreakable. She thinks everyone should be treated fairly, and equally.
Warrior Name: Glowingshine
pinkieposh123 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Artist
Name: Braken tail
Color: Brown with black stipes ((LOOKS ALOT LIKE BRAMBLE STAR!))
Mate: Sun rush
Kits: Owl kit
death: Old age
Personality: Quiet, loves his mate, loves his kit, and very protective "
pinkieposh123 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Artist
Name: Owl Kit
Color: Light grey, and dark grey spots
Mother: Sun rush
Father: Braken Tail
Death: Falls down a water fall as an elder
personality: Adeventuraous sweet, foolish
pinkieposh123 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Artist
name: Sun Rush 
Color: Light yellow, with whit boots and a white tail
Mate: Braken tail
Kits: Owl kit
Personality: Kind, sweet, nice mother, loves her mate.
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