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August 6, 2012
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Alright, this is reaaaaly cramped I know. I tried to learn how to make drawers to put items in but it was just to much =^=' I hope you like it though. I didnt add the prey in mouth this time because there wasent any room left ^ ^' If your confused on what some items are I listed them here:

top (left to right):
tourishell spots
pelt colors

middle (left to right):
boneclan and kittypet collars
claws, blood, mouths, emotion...things (you know like a blush and stuff)
stars (for clan leaders, they go on the hind leg/hip/thing...or whatever, do what you want)
and chest fur

bottom (left to right):
and tabby marks

You dont need to ask me if you can post a cat you made on the internet, if you want to just take a screenshot. Just make sure you give me creddit and PLEASE send me a link, I would LOVE to see it >w<

I hope that helps ^ ^ if you have any questions feel abligated to ask. thank you all sooo much for waiting a long time for this, I love you guys soo much! :D I added a lot of things in there for your entertainment! Have Fun <3
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XDaskSorreltailXD Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member Hobbyist Writer
Name; Dapple
Clan; Blood
Rank; dunno, what are the ranks of BloodClan?
Mother; Moth
Father; Shadow
Mate; DJ
Kits; None
Looks; Cream she-cat with black and gold spots and a pink collar studded with teeth
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  New member
Clan: thunder
Rank: warrior
Mother: holly leaf
Real father: fallenleaves
Father: sol
Mate: thornclaw (yes, from the series)
Kits: none
Looks: white she-cat with black stripes, three white paws and blue eyes
Epic fail: was in a abandoned light house when tsunami came and fell in the water HTTYD.12 
Dragoncat16 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  New member
Clan: Thunderclan
Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Light gray she-cat with orange splotches, socks, paws, and tail tip; black ears; white chest and underbelly; green eyes
Qualities: Fierce, Energetic
Siblings: Littleflame (brother); Icefall (sister)
Parents: Sunspots (mother); Oakpelt (father)
Mate: None
Kits: None
Description: Applefire has always felt like she isn't as good as her siblings. She's part of a prophecy that is supposed to protect Starclan from falling, she can picture some things in her mind when she hears them and can make them happen.
bramblestar12334 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  New member Student Artist
clan: mountianclan
rank: senior warrior
mother: cloudheart- pure white she-cat with blue eyes
father: dustywind- brown tabby tom with green eyes
sister(s): seedpelt- light brown she-cat with white stripes blue eyes-kernalfur-pale brown she-cat with darker flecks green eyes(dead)
brother(s): snowstorm- white tom with green eyes-echosnow- white tom with brown flecks covering body dark green eyes
mate1: tigerpelt- dark brown she-cat with black stripes amber eyes (he left her cuz she had anger issues o,o....)
kit(s)1: none
mate2: peaceheart- heather colored she-cat with perfectly round black spots yellow eyes
kit(s)2: barkkit- dark brown tomkit with lighter flecks pale green eyes-fernkit-grey she-kit with white flecks fern colored eyes-forestkit-black tomkit with dark brown splotches forest green eyes
bio: nice, kind, easy-going, patient and calm
theme song: pain-three days grace
death story:          peaceheart wailed in pain when the large tomcat pinned her by the throat, he yowled and leaped onto the black cat, raking his long claws down his flank, he screeched and let her go, staring at brackendust with fury in his amber gaze, ''you mousebrain!'' turned around and kicked him in the face, making him fly to the ground, brackendust stuggled to get up, he felt weight pin him. he growled, ''true warriors don't kill to win battles!'' the black cats' claws drilled deeper into his throat, making him gasp for breath, ''you're right. no one will know you were killed by me!'' he looked at peaceheart but she was already ontop of him, pulling him off brackendust. he wheezed when he clenched down and them ripped his claws from his throat. the tom raced away, leaving him alone. peaceheart wailed, ''brackendust? oh, no..'' he closed his eyes and rasped, ''goodbye, my love.... tell the kits i love them...'' he woke up in a starry place with lots of cats around him, ''welcome.'' he heart a soft mew from her sister, kernalfur.
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 11, 2014  New member
Clan: swiftclan, tsunamiclan
Rank: warrior
Mother: melody (dead)
Father: Billy (brown Tom with blue eyes and white paws and patches)
1 mate: nightrain (black tom with white patches and amber eyes (swiftclan) had to leave swiftclan
1 kits: none (ok, I don't even have kits)
2 mate: longshadow (pale Tom with black stripes and paws and amber eyes) tsunamiclan
Sisters: swiftdapple-white she-cat with black patches and green eyes, moonpath-dark blue she-cat with blue eyes, squirreltail-dark ginger she-cat with blue eyes,
Brothers: James-black Tom with white paws and chest and amber eyes, foxheart-ginger Tom with white chest, tail, and brown ears, paws, black stripes and amber eyes,
Looks: white she-cat with blue eyes, black stripes, three black paws, (keep one white)
Theme songs of her life: count on me by: Bruno mars (her father loves her and can count on her) goodbye by: avril lavigne (saying nightrain her last goodbye) and last goodbye by: ke$ha (when left saw nightrain with palestar) salute by: the little mox (when the rogue leader, graystar tried to take over tsunamiclan but flashspirit killed her) amnesia by: five seconds of summer (5SOS) (when nightrain see's her with longshadow) say something I'm giving up to you (when flashspirit falls off a cliff into a river and almost did) and skyfall by: adele, talking to the moon by: Bruno mars (flashspirit is stuck on a mountain, and longshadow thinks she's dead) just the way you are by: Bruno mars (when longshadow, riverspirit, coalpatch, blue jay artist, and cometshadow finds flashspirit alive) safe and sound by: capital cities (when tornado, volcano, flash flood, tsunami, acid rain, sandstorm, blizzard, metro shower, earthquake, thunderstorms, fire are found near their camp and longshadow is telling her we'll be safe if you be brave and pull out your warrior) jars of heart (telling her sister, squirreltail to be a demon and follow the dark forest) wings by: the little mix (ignoring the leader of swiftclan, palestar is trying to make me go back to swiftclan) Pompeii by: Bastille (thinks to herself wow! She left a clan, survived falling off a cliff, having an awesome dad, she fought of graystar to save her clan, she explored the tribe of rushing water's camp, climbing mountains, survived frightening disasters, and star clan gave her a blue jay feather, and the dark forest gave her a black and blue flower)
Tailsflyer Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Warriors of SunClan

Leader: Petalstar
Deputy: Wolfpelt
Medicine Cat: Creamshade
Warriors: Shimmerpelt, Desertstorm, Owlwing, Rubysea, Hollysong, Spottedflower, Cloudflame, Hazelclaw, Shelltail, Coppermist, Honeyleaf, Coledust, Bluefur, and Mapleheart
Apprentices: Nutpaw and Songpaw
Queens: Featherheart and Oceancloud
Elders: Poppydawn
Kits: Marigoldkit, Ringkit, and Starkit
Warriors of DawnClan

Leader: Goldenstar
Deputy: Crystalpelt
Medicine Cat: Blizzardstorm
Warriors: Scarlettclaw, Lightningdust, Autumnwind, Carmeltail, Flowerpelt, Dapplecloud, Gingerheart, Ravenwing, Moonshine, Oakfeather, Sunclaw, Browntail,
Nightpelt, Tigerstripe, and Cherryleaf
Apprentices: Flamepaw, Pinepaw, and Snowpaw
Queens: Silvermist, Dewdrop, and Sweetbreeze
Elders: Smokefoot, Roseblood, Blackstripe, and Heatherheart
Kits: Blazekit, Stormkit, and Zerokit
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  New member
You know blue star was blue fur? S I'm afraid that blue fur is tooken
Tailsflyer Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
yeah I know
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  New member
Tailsflyer Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
:| (Blank Stare) 
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