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August 6, 2012
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Alright, this is reaaaaly cramped I know. I tried to learn how to make drawers to put items in but it was just to much =^=' I hope you like it though. I didnt add the prey in mouth this time because there wasent any room left ^ ^' If your confused on what some items are I listed them here:

top (left to right):
tourishell spots
pelt colors

middle (left to right):
boneclan and kittypet collars
claws, blood, mouths, emotion...things (you know like a blush and stuff)
stars (for clan leaders, they go on the hind leg/hip/thing...or whatever, do what you want)
and chest fur

bottom (left to right):
and tabby marks

You dont need to ask me if you can post a cat you made on the internet, if you want to just take a screenshot. Just make sure you give me creddit and PLEASE send me a link, I would LOVE to see it >w<

I hope that helps ^ ^ if you have any questions feel abligated to ask. thank you all sooo much for waiting a long time for this, I love you guys soo much! :D I added a lot of things in there for your entertainment! Have Fun <3
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sophia2005 Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  New member
Gorseflower (that's me in under star clan) that's a group
Rank: queen (died as a queen like my other sad OC warrior whitefeather)
clan: river\star
Mother: robinfur-a dark brown she-cat with a ginger chest and paws and amber eyes(died from a very bad cold from greencough) died when gorseflower was just 4 moons old!
Father: beetlewing-black Tom with red stripes ad eyes (died from a trap of getting ran over by a monster by applemask)
1 mate: larktalon-cream colored Tom with brown paws and blue eyes (broke up with gorseflower and fell in love with rivershine)
1 kits: none
2 mate: indigopelt-dark blue Tom with black paws and amber eyes (saved gorseflower from brokenscar)
2 kits: honeystone-golden she-cat with blue eyes, owltalon-silver Tom with white paws, and mask and black stripes and amber eyes, ravenflight-black tom with white paws and purple eyes
sisters: lionshine-golden she-cat with bright blue eyes, rivershine-light brown she-cat with white paws and blue eyes, ambertail-white she-cat with amber eyes and a golden tail, and rosetwig-cream colored she-cat with hazel eyes
Brothers: frostflight-white Tom with blue eyes, icefur-white Tom with green eyes, oakfall-dark brown Tom with green eyes and white paws, and birchwing-light brown Tom with white paws and amber eyes
Age when died: 21
Gender: female
Friends: whitefeather- white she-cat with blue eyes, mistythunder- blue she-cat with amber eyes
Enemies: riverside, larktalon
EST friends: misty star, jay feather, lion blaze, holly leaf, silver stream, spottedleaf, blue star
Worst enemies: clawface, dark stripe, night cloud, hawk frost
Apprentice: fallenpaw\cloud
Death: at a end of a cliff and larktalon scratched her off the cliff and she scraped herself on her paw and fell in the water
Looks: light gray she-cat with white paws and blue eyes
Bio: popular, swift, brave, sad and funny
Theme song (when living): chandelier by: Sia.  I know what she looks like!
Death theme song:  safe and sound by: Taylor swift
When I was a kit almost to be a apprentice, my mother, robinfur had died from a greencough sickness that mothwing nor willowshine can stop. Then I became an apprentice and my mentor was misty star. My Father's enimie, applemask, had put a trick on him. It goes like this, beetlewing was near the thunderpath and applemask was at the other side of the thunerpath. And applemask said "hey! I killed gorsepaw!" my father didn't know it was a trick, so he snarled and hissed "when I get their! I'll, i'll, i'll rip you to pieces!" he try to run to the other side of the thunderpath but in the middle of the thunderpath, then a monster ran him over. Then when I became a warrior, I met larktalon. And we became mates. But one time I as going to hang out with him but I saw him with rivershine! I was really sad. I stepped on a twig and larktalon heard me and he mewed "I'm sorry! I' really sorry!" I got really mad and snarled and hissed "your love's a lie!" that was the ever first time that my sister and larktalon had seen me so mad. "But?" he mewed. "Bit nothing!" I hissed crying. Then I ran. 5 moons later, I was going to get murdered by brokenscar. Then indigopelt jumped in front of me and killed brokenscar. And we became mates. One time, misty star said I'm a queen now. Larktalon got really mad. Then I had, honeykit, ravenit, and owlkit. One time a battle with wind clan and river clan, I was at a end of a gorge and larktalon got psycho and scratched me off the gorge and I fell and a sharp part of the gorge had cut my paw opened and I fell in the water head first! Indigopelt was at the bottom of the gorge I had feel off of. S he jumped in the water and grabbed me on land. My last words where "you didn't need to save me. Every cat has to die, even very young, tell misty star that I had died...." one time, my mate's best friend, raggedsong, had went to see where  ad died. Indigopelt was with him. He went to the end of the gorge and looked down and mewed sadly " this is where my mate died." he could picture me falling off the gorge again. I had died from the thing I was named after.
thedrmew Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Interface Designer
cinder leader of the new clan moonclan
thedrmew Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Interface Designer
cinder how old:9 moons gender:girl coler:black and white
FennelynTheFennekin1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Name: Kuki/Cookie
Age: 8 moons.
Gender: Female.
Clan?: None.
Twoleg(s)?: Rose(Tall Blonde haired girl with blue eyes ) and Jeanette(Short brown haired girl with yellow eyes). 
Looks: Cream coloured she-cat with an unusual Brown chest and white and brown leg markings with amber eyes and white tail tip.
Accessories?: A big yellow bow fastened around her neck.
Personality: Very playful and loving.
Hobbies: Chasing her tail.
Mate?: None.
Crush?: Stonepaw (Stone coloured tom- green eyes.)
Kits?: None.
Mother: Crystal. (Cream coloured she cat with a white ear and chest with amber eyes)
Father: Unknown. (Brown tom with one white paw and white spot around one of his eyes; his eyes were red and blue)
Siblings?: Paws (Cream coloured she-cat with two white paws and a white chest and blue and amber eyes) & Brownie.(Brown tom with a cream coloured muzzle and chest with amber eyes)
Friends?: Ginger.
Extra?: Lives outside SnowClan border.
Theme song: Give me love - Ed sheeran
History: Her dather died two moons before she was born, despite this, she knows what her father looked like and that he wasn't a house-cat...Her bow hides a scar she got when she was a moon old on her neck she got it in a fall. She often likes to explore and in return found stonepaw from Snowclan at the edge of their border. He looked sad.
sophia2005 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member
Clan: survival
Rank: apprentice
Mother: jungleleaves
Father:  darkleaf
Mate: none
Kits: none
Looks: brown with white paws and chest and green eyes
Gender: she-cat
Biofunny, ridiculous, and swift
Mentor: jewelpelt
Theme song: raining tacos by:cparry gripp
DappleHusky Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Student Digital Artist
sophia2005 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member
Jewelpelt (my OC! Me as a warrior. I'm sticking with this one please!)
Clan: survivalclan
Rank: warrior
Mother: mosspatch (white she-cat with black patches and green eyes)
Father: scorchpath  (burnt black Tom with red eyes)
Mate: wolfshadow (dark gray Tom with white paws and blue eyes) I added the white paws cause he might look like crow feather
Kits: none
Looks: bright silver she-cat with bright blue paws, tail, ears, and chest and blue eyes
Sisters: none :c
Brothers: rainstorm (blue Tom with green eyes)
Theme song: stereo love by: Edward Maya (it can be any remix)
Back story: since my clan got the name as survivalclan. Theirs usually a reason why they got their clan name. My clan got it because we lived in a small island surrounded by water, and tons of aside rain, thunderstorms, floods, hard rain, tornado, sandstorms, tsunamis, shark attacks, hurricanes, fire, earthquakes, battles, gigantic heat waves, volcano eruptions, asteroids,  hard windstorms, and multiple. And I've survived all of it! It's really insane! So, how I met wolfshadow was that it was a flood and all the places to hide was took. Then wolfshadow grabbed me like a kit and swam me to a high tree that the water will not reach. He saved me. O.O. then we became mates. I almost died when a flaming tree almost fell on top of me and when hawkfur scratched the crap out of me on my pelt and when I almost drowned from the tsunami and when the sandstorm almost blew me off the camp and when the asteroid almost fell on top of me and when the blizzard almosted froze me to death and when the windstorm almost pushed rocks on top of me and when that shark almost bit my tail off and when the aside rain almost killed me, and when that tornado almost sucked me in and when I was stuck in a cave while a hurricane happened and when that thunder almost struck me and when that fire almost burnt me to death and when that earthquake almost shook me off the island and when I almost died without water and when lava almost cot me on the tail. You see, it's hard to be a warrior from survivalclan. :T
Got the idea: playing roblox and playing survival natural disasters (its an island survival thing)
thatrandomskiploom Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

"Clan": Pack of forgotten memories
Rank: Leader
Mother: Bell
Father: Cole
Brothers: Clover
Mate: none
kits: none
looks: Burnt black she cat, has one pink eye the other scared, torn ear, and missing her front left leg
theme song: Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin
Back story: was born as a snow white kittypet, when she was playing with her brother a fire broke out. Her brother got out fine but her fur was permanently burnt black. Horrified by her daughters new ugly look she tried to drown her in the nearby lake. She survived but a cat named Brokentwig saw she needed a mentor and trained her. Seeing he could twist Taboo's mind he tricked her into killing her family for revenge. This continued for about a year. When a stamped of horse broke out Brokentwig saved Taboo. Brokentwig died in the process and Taboo lost her ear, eye,  front left leg, and her memories. Months pass and she wandered on to thunder clan territory. Lionblaze found her and she became a clan cat. Bramblestar needed to go on a journey because skyclan was a wreck. Since Squirrelflight was sick with green cough he wanted Taboo to lead the clan seeing how strong emotionally Taboo was. But Taboo didn't lead like every cat thought she would. Such an example as thinking cats with mates in another clan can never truly loyal and exiled Leafpool. Everyone hated her and she knew it. Hoping starclan could help her she went to the moon pool and found the ghost of Brokentwig. Brokentwig shocked to see Taboo liked this had the power to give her back all her old memories. Taboo had snapped and went on to destroy the clans. But with bramblestar back Taboo was about to die. But she told Bramblestar he would be the true villein by killing a disabled cat. Bramblestar couldn't kill her so he exiled her. Eventually she found a dog and formed a pack. Plotting to destroy the clans when the moment strikes.          
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  New member
Clan: star clan
Rank: warrior
Mother: frostglare
Father: ??
Mate: ??
Kits: none
Looks: white she-cat with green eyes
Sisters: none
Brothers: none
Theme song: bottom of the ocean by: Miley Cyrus
Death: sunk
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  New member
Clan: eagleclan
Rank: queen
Mother: squirrelfrost
Father: mouse (kitty-pet)
Mate: fallenstar
Kits: expecting them
Looks: black Tom with white spots and white paws
Brothers: none
Sisters: whitepatch
Theme song: we can't stop by: Miley Cyrus
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