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August 6, 2012
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Alright, this is reaaaaly cramped I know. I tried to learn how to make drawers to put items in but it was just to much =^=' I hope you like it though. I didnt add the prey in mouth this time because there wasent any room left ^ ^' If your confused on what some items are I listed them here:

top (left to right):
tourishell spots
pelt colors

middle (left to right):
boneclan and kittypet collars
claws, blood, mouths, emotion...things (you know like a blush and stuff)
stars (for clan leaders, they go on the hind leg/hip/thing...or whatever, do what you want)
and chest fur

bottom (left to right):
and tabby marks

You dont need to ask me if you can post a cat you made on the internet, if you want to just take a screenshot. Just make sure you give me creddit and PLEASE send me a link, I would LOVE to see it >w<

I hope that helps ^ ^ if you have any questions feel abligated to ask. thank you all sooo much for waiting a long time for this, I love you guys soo much! :D I added a lot of things in there for your entertainment! Have Fun <3
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fefe1966 Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  New member Student Digital Artist
Name: Silverfeather
Gender: She-cat
Age: warrior (15 moons old)
Mother: Mothtail -all silver she-cat with amber eyes-
Father: Riverheart -an bluish-silver tom with white spots,muzzle and underbelly-
Brother(s): moonkit (Deceased)
Sister(s): Troutpaw (Deceased)
Attributes: funny,shy,slow learner, clumsy, can swim
Clan: Riverclan
Looks: blue-grey with silver spots and silver underbelly,muzzle and paw
RabbitdogAJ Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Name: Red/ShadowSymbol
Gender: Tom
Breed: Long-Haired Tabby.
Age: 48 Moons
Clan: None, he was in a rouge group called "Revenge."
Mother: Frosti (Kittypet)
Father: Tofu (Rouge)
Siblings: Nestling, (Male) Sock, (Male) Candy, (Female.) Rippletail. (Female.)
Mate: Rage.
Kits: Ragged,(Male) Forestpelt,(Female) Adder, (Male.) Nightwing, (Female.) Ash, (Male) Rose. (Female.)
Enemys: All Of Graceclan, All Of Mistclan, All Of DreadClan, All Of Spearclan, Jagged, Darken, Mitt.
Theme: Ghost Town- Egypt Central.
Traits: Cruel, Vengeful, Determined, Brave, Strong,Clever, Swift, Ruthless. 
Appearance: A Red/Brown pelt, Cinnamon eyes, Red Boneclan collar, Black Tourtishell Markings.
Death: As I padded through the darkened forest, A figure caught my eye. The figure was rather familiar, along with its scent. As I emerged closer, I caught a glimpse of the dark figure. The figure spotted me, and quickly darted into the bushes. Tilting my head, I followed after it. Questions, Questions. What was this figure I wonder? A figure of my imagination? Anyways, I padded further carelessly. Despite my confusion, the noises were still rustling within the bushes. Before I could blink an eye, a tom cat had perched himself ontop of me, a hiss escaping his throat. "Found You!" He scolded at me. "For Now," I grinned in response before pushing the cat off. "What brings you in Spearclan territory? You came for our prey! A pa-" I sunk my claws in his neck, Blood oozing from his throat. "You talk to much, let me fix that." The tom struggled for breath, my paws were drenched in blood. I figured a patrol would come here anyway, and as usual, 7 Toms and 1 Shecat emerged from the bushes. "Speckletail!!" The She-cat ran up to the corpse, not noticing the cat hovering above her body. "Braveheart, watch out." One of the tom cats spoke up, glaring at me with sickness. I assume their little she-cat was Braveheart. Braveheart finnaly noticed me and backed away. "ShadowSymbol!" She jumped back hissing. "No wonder Speckletail's dead! You Killed him, like you did everyone else in your way!" I released a hiss as she lept ontop of me. Quick movements, she swiped her unsheathed claws at me. I bit her paw as it swung by, kicking her off viciously. "C-come on you mousebrains! Help me!" She shouted at the toms, putting pressure on her paw. Two of the toms stepped forward, both were already wounded as far as I could see. They leaped at me, but I gripped onto one of their necks with my jaw, shoving him onto the ground. As he yowled, blood ripped through his neck, colliding with my fangs. I ripped through his neck as deep as I could. The other tom leaped onto me, hoping to defend his precious friend. Stupid move. I reversed his attack by falling backwards, with the cat clinging onto my back. I flipped over, hissing. His friend bled out, because his body now lied still on the forest floor with no movements. I bit onto the other ones neck, his state turning into the other ones. A few minutes afterwards, the largest one approached me. The she-cat managed to flee off, somehow. I could easily tell this one must have been the deputy. He leaped onto my back with brute force, shoving me onto the ground. His claws sunk into my back, a excruciating pain rushing through me. As my back bled, he threw me into the air, within a moment, I was airborne. I landed harshly on the ground, a yowl escaping my throat. The deputy approached me once more, sinking his claws into my neck. The pain was becoming unbearable, my eyelids became heavy, and I drifted off some place, never to return.
Death theme: Glory And Gore-Lorde. (Im sorry Im obsessed with this song xD)
Facts: When he left the twolegplace, he promised to come back with a clan of cats in order for revenge, That is why the Rouge Group is called "Revenge."
fefe1966 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Student Digital Artist
Wow. that's a lot, how long did this take you? It's awesome...
topnotch0060 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015
Name: Spottedfoot
Moons: 30
Gender: Female
Breed: Calico
Personality: A brave she-cat, long-haired, lime-coloured eyes 
Clan: LakeClan (Iciclestar's friend, Reedstar, is the leader of LakeClan)
Mate: Barkfur
Kits: Lakekit/paw/heart, Pondkit/paw(deceased), Widkit/paw/fang
Death: When it was Sundown, all the cats of LakeClan still had duties to attend to, Spottedfoot was in the Queens' den, while Barkfur went on a patrol.
At Moonrise, Spottedfoot was asleep, so was LakeClan and Barkfur, she suddenly heard a growl, she saw a dark shadow, the shape of a cat, walk past to Queen's den, the kits were asleep, she stared at the shadow, a small snout stuck out from the shadows, its teeth were bared, the LakeClan deputy, Darkfang, padded into the Queen's den, Spottedfoot meowed quietly, the male deputy went forward to her silently, his claws unsheathed...
The next Sunrise, LakeClan had awoken, Spottedfoot padded out of the Queen's den, she asked Snowtail to take care of her kits, she saw Darkfang glare at Spottedfoot, a sneaky grin spread across his face although Spottedfoot was still looking, Barkfur was still asleep, so was Reedstar, Darkfang growled sneakily, ''Come, we need to talk.'' Spottedfoot followed him outside the camp entrance, suddenly Darkfang pinned Spottedfoot down, raking his claws across her neck. ''You know last time, when you disrespected my mate, and when you clawed her.. That's what I'm gonna do to you.'' Darkfang growled, as Spottedfoot was choking, ''I only did this because she tried to end my kit!'' Darkfang slammed her down again, he dug his fangs into her neck as she tried to scream, but all was heard was choking and coughing. Darkfang leaped off, ''You're not to tell Reedstar, fox dung.'' He padded off, Barkfur was searching for Spottedfoot, he saw her limp body, he gasped, he told Reedstar that Spottedfoot was ended, after a few Sunrises, Reedstar found out that it was Darkfang. ''Darkfang, you don't deserve to be exiled, but you deserve to be KILLED!'' Reedstar ended Darkfang, Spottedfoot's kits grew finely, Pondpaw died from a fox attack, while Spottedfoot was already ended, so she had to hunt with StarClan...
CurseTheKillerCatXD Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  New member
DONT READ THIS. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. NOW THAT YOU'VE STARTED READING, DONT STOP. THIS IS SO FREAKY. 1 say your name 10 times 2. say your mum's name 5 times and your crushes name 3 times 4. paste this onto 4 other games. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible. But if you read this and do not paste this, you will get bad luck. SEND THIS ON 5 DIFFERENT GAMES IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOUR DONE, PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSHES NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS. THIS IS SO FREAKY IT ACTUALLY WORKS
sgwhite Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
i dout it :T
CurseTheKillerCatXD Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015  New member
I know... I got dared to. ;-;
Name: Ravenkit
Gender: She-cat
Age: 4 moons
Looks: Black with white chest and underbelly with red eyes
Personality: Quiet, Shy, Friendly
Rank: kit
Clan: Featherclan
Siblings: Coldkit (tom)
Minn-co Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015
Could you not use my Hollowclan symbol? It's not for Featherclan.
pikachulover12345678 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015
I'm really sorry if it upsets you. i'll delete it right away
Minn-co Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015
You didn't upset me, It's fine.  I just would not like my symbol used for anything not related to the group it's for.

Although, if you want to still use it you can join the group and use it for group things; but aside from that I would rather not have it used in stead of another clan's symbol.
Pinkjuice12 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015
Name: Rivertail
Gender: She-cat
Age: 26 Moons
Looks: calico with amber eyes
Personality: Kind, Brave, Overprotective
Mate: Nightheart
Crush: None
Kits: Blackflower, Frogpaw, Blackpaw
Clan: Puddleclan
Rank: Queen
Siblings: Dirtfang(tom) 
Parents: Snakefur(tom) and Speckletail(she-cat)
Apprentices: None
Rainbowrockguitarist Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Scarheart
Gender: Tom
Clan: Shadow
Rank: Warrior
Age: 18 Moons
Looks: Flame Orange Pelt, Green Eyes, Left Ear Torn, Has X Shaped Scar on Chest
Personality: Insane
Crush: None
Mate: None
Parents: Sandstorm And Tigerstar
Sibilings: Hawkstripe
Rainbowrockguitarist Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I made Scourge the way people on Youtube make him, with the White tailtip, ears, Red collar, and chest X3
Rainbowrockguitarist Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Made an Insane Tigerstar....... Yup
zane-nijago98 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014
Name: Smallkit
Gender: Tom
Clan: Rockclan
Rank: Kit
Age: 4 moons
Looks: Black pelt with grey patches and amber eyes
Personality: Sleepy, loyal, and loves to play
Crush: None
Mate: None
Kits: None
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: None
HollyleafxScourge Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
Name: Midnight
Gender: she-cat
Age: 25 moons old
Description: dark blue-grey fur with white spots, black stripes, black tail-tip, white ears, light blue-grey muzzle, chest, and belly, light green eyes, red dog-tooth collar, half of her left ear is torn off, and has a scar on the side of her back and on her front left leg, has sharp claws.
Personality: quiet, stubborn, sometimes calm, and adventurous.
Clan: BloodClan
Rank: warrior
Crush: none
Mate: none
Kits: none
Parents: Unknown
Mentor: Scar (dead)
Backstory: was took away from her parents, and was raised as a BloodClan cat.
Ladybugleaf1 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014  Student
Name: Nightshade gray, bluishgray ears and tailtip long furred blind black paws
Gender: shecat
Clan: Stormclan
Name: Shadenight: Black, dark grey underfur, blue eyes
Gender: She-Cat
Clan: LightClan
Mother: Mistheart: Dark grey shecathite ears, black tailtip, Blue eyes
Father: Rageheart: Dark brown tabby tom, black paws, Orange ears and tailtip, Green eyes
Siblings: Swarmflight: White tom, Grey tabby marks, blue eyes
              Flameheat: Yellow/orange she-cat, Grey ears, paws, underfur, Green eyes
Mate: Brownfur: Deep Brown Tom, lighter underfur and paws, Amber eyes
Kits:  Leafkit (Leafspot): Brown She-Cat, white underfur, paws, Darker brown ears, tailtip, tabby marks, Green eyes
         Rainkit (Rainstorm): Light grey tom, white paws, darker grey ears and tailtip, Deep amber eyes.

Story Time!! Shadenight's life in LightClan: Chapter1: First day of life:
Shadekit opened her eyes. She tried to sit up but failed. She looked beside her and saw a small ball of white and grey fur. She looked to the other side and saw a small ball of orange and grey fur. Shadekit tried to sit up and did. "Mama?" She mewed.  Mistheart looked around her. "Hello, Shadekit. you've opened your eyes first. Beside you is Flamekit and Swarmkit. Your Sister and Brother." She meowed. Shadekit looked around and bounced to the entrance to the nursery and sat down near it. "My name is Shadekit? Can I go out there?" Shadekit asked. "Yes, you are Shadekit. And no, you can't until Flamekit and Swarmkit open their eyes and get used to moving around." Mistheart replied. (Will finish soon!)
DeadloxLover1010 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2014
DONT READ THIS. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. NOW THAT YOU'VE STARTED READING, DONT STOP. THIS IS SO FREAKY. 1 say your name 10 times 2. say your mum's name 5 times and your crushes name 3 times 4. paste this onto 4 other games. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible. But if you read this and do not paste this, you will get bad luck. SEND THIS ON 5 DIFFERENT GAMES IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOUR DONE, PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSHES NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS. THIS IS SO FREAKY IT ACTUALLY WORKS
Name: Brownfeather: Dark brown tom, lighter brown underfur and tail tip, amber eyes
Gender: Tom
Clan: LightClan
Rank: Deputy
Mother: Darkheather: Deep brown she-cat, icy blue eyes (Dead)
Father: Greyrock: Grey tabby tom, amber eyes (Dead)
Mate: Mistyshadow: Black she-cat, light grey tail tip, paws, and underfur, Green eyes
Kits: Heatherkit: Light grey tabby she-cat, midnight blue eyes
       Rockkit: Dark grey tom, yellow eyes.
Siblings: Cloudfern: White she-cat, green eyes.
Backstory1 (Naming the kits): Brownfeather walked into the nursery, and went over to his mate. "Are they here?" He asked. "Yes. They are. You can name them." Mistyshadow, his mate, replied. Brownfeather looked around Mistyshadow and saw to little grey kits. "The light one is a she-cat, and the dark one, a tom?" He meowed. "Yes." Mistyshadow replied. Brownfeather smiled. "Then I will name the she-cat Heatherkit, in memory of my mother. The tom will be named Rockkit, in memory of my father."

Backstory2(Death of Darkheather): Brownpaw walked into the camp, a rabbit in his jaw. He dropped in in the fresh-kill pile. "Where's Darkheather, Cloudpaw?" He asked his sister. "In the warriors den, why?" Cloudpaw replied. "I just wanted to say hi to her." Brownpaw walked into the warriors den. "Hi, Darkheather!" He said as he walked to his mom. "Hello, Brownpaw. Get ready, were about ready to go to the gathering." Darkheather said and licked Brownpaw's head. Brownpaw shook his head quickly. "Hey! I'm not a kit anymore. Let's go, then." Brownpaw walked out of the den with his mother close behind. The Clan was already leaving. They joined the Clan, going out of camp. "This will be fun!" Cloudpaw meowed as she wandered up to Brownpaw and their mother. "Yeah." He replied. Once they got to the border of camp, one-by-one, the cats crossed the thunderpath. Brownpaw went before his mother, then Cloudpaw went. Darkheather started to cross but half-way a monster came roaring down the thunderpath and hit Darkheather. Brownpaw and Cloudpaw stared in shock. She was dead.

Backstory3 ~~Yet to come soon!~~
Flutteryay101Backup Featured By Owner Edited Dec 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Name: Dawnsky
appearance:brown fur with tan underbelly and chest with a dark grey tail tip and spots with an orange spike collar and green eyes
Father: Sparrowheart alive:IDK ((looks just like her only with a  red spike))
Mother:Shadowstar (dark gray cat with black splotches and blue eyes with a green spike)
Siblings: Briarpaw(mentor died so she is apprentice longer, same age as dawnsky, looks like shadowstar with brown underbelly and light blue spike)
enemy clan: Riverclam (riverclan)
rank:Medicine cat
age: 11 moons
Lpslily Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014
gender:she cat
apperance:whitecloud is white and on the tip of her tail is black and she has blue eyes
mother:darksong alive:no (black she cat with grey stripes and blue eyes
father:featherwind alive:yes (white with dark blue eyes
siblings:moonstar (dark brown tom with dark brown eyes [ littleclaw (white she cat with a black paw and dark brown eyes
candycrazy12 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 19, 2014
Warrior name: Fallensky
Gender: She-cat
Clan: Riverclan
Mate: Needletail
Fur: Grey with white stripes and one paw white
Mother: Moondapple
Father: Stripefeather
Littermates: Dappleberry, Frostfang, and Moonlick.

Edengirl01 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Name: Spottedwing
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: Warrior
Gender: She-Cat
Age: 19 Moons
Looks: Dark grey with darker grey, dusty brown and light brown dapples, white under belly and tail-tip, yellow eyes
Mother: Willowfang (Tall dark grey she-cat with lighter grey dapples, white tail-tip and dark amber eyes)
Father: Hawkheart (Strong dark brown tom with light brown and dusty brown dapples, tan tail-tip and under-belly. And bright yellow eyes)
Littermates: Ashpool (Dark grey tom with white dapples and white under belly, orange eyes) Brackenclaw (Brown tom with dusty brown dapples and tan under belly, dark amber eyes) 
Personality: Swift, Brave, Nimble, Bubbly
oliviaoli Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  New member
Name: Nightfur
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank: Warrior
Gender: She-cat
Father: Tigerstripe (brave, strong, and loving dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes; deputy of ThunderClan before Foxclaw; deceased)
Mother: Darkpelt (kind, loyal, and fierce black she-cat with dark green eyes; elder of ThunderClan)
Littermates: Bramblefur (loyal, strong, and brave dark brown tabby tom amber eyes; warrior of ThunderClan
Mate: Foxclaw (feisty, short-tempered reddish-orange tom with dark green eyes; deputy of ThunderClan)
Kits: Amberkit (reddish-brown she-cat with dark green eyes), Leafkit (tortoiseshell-and-red she-cat with dark green eyes), Flamekit (dark red tom with dark green eyes), Ravenkit (black tom with dark green eyes)
Personality: Fierce, brave, kind, shy
Appearance: Black pelt with a white-tipped tail, battle scar on hip, dark green eyes
oliviaoli Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  New member
Oh never mind I found them!
oliviaoli Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  New member
Can you add green eyes plz?
oliviaoli Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  New member
I did Spottedleaf!! :D
Nightstorm76 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  New member
Name: Rainstar
Appearance: Silver tabby with Dark blue eyes
Gender: She-cat
Clan: FireClan
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Littermates: None
Kits: Flamekit Ginger she-cat yellow eyes. Bramblekit Brown tabby tom with amber eyes Pinekit reddish brown she-cat green eyes Nightkit Black she-cat blue eyes
oliviaoli Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  New member
And what are the very last things on top right?
oliviaoli Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  New member
I can put the left eye on the black line on the cat, but the right eye is not on the fur.
oliviaoli Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  New member
How do you put the eyes on?
CurseTheKillerCatXD Featured By Owner Edited Dec 14, 2014  New member
Name: RussetTail
Appearance: Red-Orange-Brown with all tan paws and blue eyes.
Gender: She-cat
Clan: WindClan/RiverClan. (Im in Wind)
Mother: BreezeFur(Wind) Is white with light grey stripes with light blue eyes.
Father: PineHeart(River) Is brown with darker brown stripes with green eyes.
Littermates: BlueFlame(River) Is black with white stripes and amber eyes.
                   ShellRipple(River) Is light grey and blue eyes.
                   CloudSpots(Wind, Medicine Cat) Is white with black spots and green eyes.
                   JinxFeather(Wind) Is dark grey, lighter grey spots light grey paws except for one and dark grey eyes.
Kits: PheonixKit a flame coated tom with dark brown stripes and blue eyes. Warrior name: PheonixFeather, in honor of JinxFeather
        SoulKit a white she-kit with light grey belly fur chest fur chin fur and green eyes. Warrior name: SoulFlight becomes SoulStar. 
        SkyKit a light light orange tom with amber eyes. Warrior name: SkyFall (I like that song.)
Personality: Very known around the Clan for being funny. Really sharp claws. Always with JinxFeather.
Mate: MattedPelt a dust brown tom with amber eyes.
Apprentice: ThrushPaw a grey tom with light brown chest fur and yellow eyes. Warrior name: ThrushFang.
warriorcatROSETAIL Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
vampirequeen27 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
Appearance: black with tan chest, paws, and tail tip, lime green bloodclan collar, dark blue eyes
Gender: she cat
Clan: bloodclan
Mother: Blade (All black shecat w/ green eyes )
Father: Spear ( sliver tom with dark blue eyes )
Littermates: Toxic (dark grey tom with black spots and amber eyes), Mist (light grey tabby shecat)
Kits: Soul ( orange tom w/ black spots, dead ), Ivy (light brown with dark brown ivy-like pattern , shecat)
Rank: warrior
Personality: sly, fierce
Nightstorm76 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  New member
Name: Rainstar
Gender: She-cat
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank: Leader/Queen
Appearance: Silver tabby with white under belly dark blue eyes
Mother: Dovewing
Father: Bumblestripe
Kits: Stormkit (Dark gray tom bright yellow eyes), Pinekit (Reddish brown she-cat green eyes),  Icekit (White she-cat amber eyes), Nightkit (Black she-cat green eyes), Silverpaw (Silver she-cat blue eyes), Bramblepaw (Brown tabby tom with light blue), Flamepaw (Ginger tom yellow eyes)
Sisters: Speckleheart, Frostfeather
Brothers: Talonpaw
Personality: Sweet, Shy, Gentle,Helpful
XxAsk-Scourge Featured By Owner Edited Dec 7, 2014  New member
Name: Spottedheart
Gender: Tom
Clan: JayClan
Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Dark brown with white underfur, spots, paws, and tail tip.
Mother: Mistfur (Dead)
Father: Sparrowfeather (Dead)
Mate: Shadowlight
Kits: Acornkit, Treekit, Stripekit
Sisters: Rainpelt, Graystorm
Brothers: None
Personality: Sweet, kind, gentle.
Tuesdaycat Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Sandface
Age: 31 moons
Clan: Frostclan
Gender: she-cat
Looks: Brown tabby she-cat with sand colored face, chest fur, and toes. Orange eyes.
Mother: Duskfern (sandy/cream colored she cat with a brown spot on her forehead. Orange eyes) (Rank: warrior)
Father: Cloth (ragged dark brown kittypet, with light brown stripes. Green eyes. Dark purple collar)
Sister: Tigerfur (sleek orange she-cat with dark orange stripes. Pine green eyes) (Rank: warrior)
Adopted brother: Buddy (small black and white tom, with twisted right arm, green eyes)
Mate: /
pinkieposh123 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Student Artist
I did Flickface again! (if you wanna read her description go to version 2!)
Peyton-Jade1D Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  New member Hobbyist
Name: Snowfern
Clan: Iceclan
Rank: medicine cat
Age: around 163 moons
Appearance: Dark brown fur with grey and white paws, cream stripes, white spots, and an orange tipped tail, has blue and green eyes
Father: Lynxheart- cream colored tortoiseshell tom with white spots and tipped tail, has orange eyes (Dead)
Mother: Starkflight- pure white tabby she-cat with light grey stripes, ice-blue eyes (Dead)
Sisters: Meadowlark: Light brown she-cat with white paws, dark brown stripes, light grey tipped tail, green eyes (Alive)
Personality: Kind, Fierce, Swift, Intelligent
xxcheetahgirl Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014
name: BlazeLove
Flutteryay101Backup Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
name: Dawnkit
Clan: creekclan
appearance: golden brown with dark grey spots and dark green eyes
age: 1 moon
sex: she-cat
mother: shadowfur
father: unknown
sister: Briarkit
Flutteryay101Backup Featured By Owner Edited Dec 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
**EDIT** father: Sparrowheart

dawnkit is now:
age: 5 moons
AnimeAndWarriorlover Featured By Owner Edited Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Name:  HeatherStar
Age: 26 Moons
Rank: Leader
Clan: Snow
Gen.: She-cat
Apperance: Pale gold has a scar on her neck with white patches and amber eyes
Mother: Crystal(White black she cat)
Father: BloodStar(Black tom and white paws)
Brothers: Remains unknown
Sisters: Remains Unknown
zane-nijago98 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
name: Brambleberry
age: 48 moons
rank: medicine cat
clan: Earthclan
gender: she cat
appearance: dark brown with dark grey patches and orange eyes
mother: Sandyfur {light tan pelt with her tummy white and aqua eyes}
father: Maplewhisker {dark grey pelt with white patches and amber eyes}
brothers: Mosskit {light blue pelt with the tip of his tail and his ears are orange and his left eye is green and his right eye is blue} Pinepaw {gold with light grey patches and blue eyes} 
sisters: Jaysong {light grey pelt with tip of tail and tummy black and brown eyes and is a kittypet now}
Tuesdaycat Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Bluepaw (WN - Bluepelt)
Age: 13 moons
Rank: Apprentice
Clan: FrostClan
Gender: Male
Looks: Gray/blue tom, with light gray patches. Pale blue eyes
Father: Rocknose (light gray, gray nose. blue eyes) (alive: no)
Mother: Silverfoot (Blue, silver feet, tail, ears. Blue eyes) (alive: yes) (rank: warrior)
Brother: /
Sister: Softpaw (Dark gray, white ears. Pale blue eyes) (rank: Apprentice) (WN - Softear)
brownietiger416 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Can I screenshot and make adoptables? ouo
mlp77972 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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