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August 6, 2012
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Alright, this is reaaaaly cramped I know. I tried to learn how to make drawers to put items in but it was just to much =^=' I hope you like it though. I didnt add the prey in mouth this time because there wasent any room left ^ ^' If your confused on what some items are I listed them here:

top (left to right):
tourishell spots
pelt colors

middle (left to right):
boneclan and kittypet collars
claws, blood, mouths, emotion...things (you know like a blush and stuff)
stars (for clan leaders, they go on the hind leg/hip/thing...or whatever, do what you want)
and chest fur

bottom (left to right):
and tabby marks

You dont need to ask me if you can post a cat you made on the internet, if you want to just take a screenshot. Just make sure you give me creddit and PLEASE send me a link, I would LOVE to see it >w<

I hope that helps ^ ^ if you have any questions feel abligated to ask. thank you all sooo much for waiting a long time for this, I love you guys soo much! :D I added a lot of things in there for your entertainment! Have Fun <3
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PokemonAcademy1234 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member Student Artist
I forgot to say, GREAT GAME I LUV IT~!
runtyiscute1999 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
thank you!
PokemonAcademy1234 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student Artist
seal44444 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member
OMG BEST.WARRIOR.MAKER.GAME.EVERCatz - Silver Tabby (Catson) Lightningeye 
runtyiscute1999 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
thank you! try the 4th one ~
squirrelflightgirl10 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
IKR!!!! I love it I make like 50 cats on it. (Every dayWink/Razz )
teenykit Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Student
Name: Mintleaf
Rank: Warrior
Gender: Female
Clan: Leaf clan
Look: Mud brown with white paws,ears,tail,snout and chest green eyes
Father: Thornstar
Mother: Honeyleaf
History: Mother died in fight against flintclan and father died in gorge ( lol how bluestar died)
Brothers: Littlestar (leader)
Sister: Thornrunt (apprentince)
Moons: 15 moons
Mate: Lightleaf ( also warrior )
Personality: Very loyal and kind looks like mother just she has 1 white paw
Kits: Moonkit and Thornkit

Moonkit: Icon - 50x50 - LunaTehKitteh Thornkit: Free Starry Kitten avatar 

mother:Mia licky icon  father: Cat giggle... 
Bluestar1450 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member
Looks:Totrishell with icy blue eyes
Kits:Orangekit Grapekit Fernkit
Moons:26 moons
Life:Icyspots was born in Frostclan.She had two littermates (Dawnkit and Eclipsekit).When she was 6 moons old she started training as an apprentice and so did Dawnkit and Eclipsekit.Icyspots' mentor was Bubbleheart (Bubbleheart was not the med. at the time) at she was tought very well.After many moons of training she and her littermates became warriors (Icyspots Dawnpetal and Eclipseheart).A couple days later Ivypelt/star arrived at the camp with his terrible injury (see my comment on warriors cats maker v4 its about Ivypelt/star).Ivypelt eventually became deputy and then became leader.His first deputy was Icyspots and the two eventually mated and had 3 kits (Grapekit Orangekit and Fernkit).Icyspots is still the deputy today and one day possibly she can become Icystar, leader of Frostclan (seems fitting doesnt it?)
PokemonAcademy1234 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 24, 2015  New member Student Artist
Name: BlazeKit ( Original\kitty-pet name was blazer )
Rank: Kit\Kitten
Clan: Dream Clan ( Made-up clan created by kits who are lost,abandoned or has no clan,  because I can! )
Looks: Orange pelt, White ears, White paws, White tail tip, Brown eyes and a cream colored belly, chest and snout and wears a blue leather collar.
Mother: Flamer ( Looks exactly like blazekit but with no cream colored belly, chest and snout and wears a pink leather collar )
Father:  Twilight ( Black tom with a cream colored belly, chest and snout wears a orange spiked collar )
Siblings: None ( Yes, its surprisingly possible )
Crush: NightKit ( Black pelt, White ears, White paws, White snout, belly and chest and has light blue eyes )
Mate: None
apprentice: None
Kits: None
Former Mate: None
Enemy: ClawKit ( Has Black pelt and red spots ) she hated and envy blazekit because she likes nightkit but nightkit has feelings for blazekit and she also hates blazekit for liking nightkit as well.


Blazekit: *wakes up* huh? mom? dad? *looks around* why am I in a box? *opens lids and gets out of box*
Nightkit: *looks at* huh...? must be another abandoned kitty pet *shrugs and pads closer*
Blazekit: *looks at and blushes* hi, I'm blazer... do you know where I am...?
Nightkit: *blushes * The forest what does it look like? oh, so your a kitty-pet if I'm not mistaken...?
Blazekit: yup! why am I here? *pads closer *
Nightkit: *slightly blushes* well, you got abandoned for sure...
Blazekit: *frowns then sighs* My mom told me stories about this forest and those clans is it even true...?
Nightkit: yup, you know what? you should change your name to blazerkit or something... if your gonna start living gotta act like one of us...
Blazekit: blazekit, is that good?
Nightkit: close enough...
Blazekit: should we start a clan? is that how we should do it? wait, what's your name? you must have parents? where's your clan?
Nightkit: I'm nightkit, my parents got killed in war and I ran away from my clan but I don't think kits can even start a clan... and why do you have so many annoying questions?
Blazekit: Oh, well I don't care! lets start a clan anyways! *smiles* let's call it dream clan! dream clan for all the abandoned,lost or has no clan kits! and our clan members will be kits who were abandoned,lost and has no clan! can you please join me? please?
Nightkit: fine, but as long as we don't get into fights with cats and clans and such! oh and you better act strong, you won't have those fancy treatment and stuff... I'll teach you to hunt, you must be clueless about it...
Blazekit: thanks! *licks nightkit's cheek* yay! *dances around*
Nightkit: *blushes* well, come on! I'll teach you to hunt some bunnies...
Clawkit: *hiding in the bush she saw the whole thing and softly snarls at blazekit* better watch your back blazekit, nightkit's mine!
Lpslily Featured By Owner 5 days ago
PokemonAcademy1234 Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  New member Student Artist
Thank you~! It was random... my OC is just really different she's sorta dumb to tell the truth XD
Nightkit's the smart, responsible, mature-acting and strong one! while blazekit's the childish, weak, dumb, careless
 and irresponsible one but she does have good traits ^^

BTW: You can join dream clan ( if you want ) but you have to be a kit~!
Bluestar1450 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
can i join dreamclan
my kit name is mistykit
she is a very light blue-white icy she-cat with icy blue eyes
PokemonAcademy1234 Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  New member Student Artist
Sure~! I'm thinking of making art for dreamclan... nightkits mine so please don't make him your crush or something :3
Bluestar1450 Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  New member
ok :D
PokemonAcademy1234 Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  New member Student Artist
Okie~! thank you for joining le dream clan~! we appreciate it~!
Bluestar1450 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  New member
can i make another kit to be my mate/crush
SkyePhilosopher Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha! Great game!Cait Sith for XeonRhede
runtyiscute1999 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Student General Artist
SkyePhilosopher Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem. 
Lpslily Featured By Owner Edited Feb 20, 2015
looks:feather colored tabby she cat with a bushy tail and sky blue eyes
mother:dawnwhisker(black she cat with white paws and green eyes)
father:swiftstorm(white tabby tom with blazing green eyes)
brothers:blackshadow(dark grey tabby tom with blue eyes)onemoon(white tom with green eyes)
mate:duststorm(dusty colored tom with amber yes)(deputy)
apprentice:bluepaw(bluecloud)blue grey she cat with silver eyes)
kits:foxkit(foxwhisker)redish brownish tabby tom with green eyes)clearkit(clearsky)light grey tom with amber eyes)
former mate:moonshadow(died of greencough)
enemy:nightbreeze(black she cat with purple eyes)she fell in love with duststorm and almost mated with duststorm and hated fallingfeather all her life)
Backstory:the breeze was almost like a whisper when fallingfeather came back with a vole in her mouth.duststorm was whispering something in nightbreezes ear and she purred.did duststorm like her.....but her thoughts were intereuptted by nightbreeze.back off of duststorm she growled then picked up a fat bird from the fresh kill pile.but duststorms my mate she growled flicking her tail over to for long nightbreeze sneered.(a moon later)IM HAVING MY KITS!!!!!!!!ok.ok the medican cat bramblefur hissed.nightbreeze felt no love for duststorm when he mated with fallingfeather.and she had whisperingbreezs kits instead.the kits names were dawnkit blackkit and moonkit.the first kit rippled through was a big red tom.the next one was a grey tom.when duststorm saw them he purred i love them.nightbreeze hissed then trotted out of the den.

death:fallingfeather was scratching a winclan tom when she heard a screech.IT WAS HER KIT FOXPAW!!IM COMING!she yowled when she reached the tom he had ran off and she had to face a big brown tom.he hurled himself at her when she wasnt ready and tumbled into a river.NO she thought  i cant die!but it was to late she felt herself sinking into darkness while she heard her kits and mates cry.......................................Cat nods TALLSTAR IS READY >:3
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This game is very awesome!!
runtyiscute1999 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Student General Artist
thank you!
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How do u make a game??
runtyiscute1999 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Student General Artist
i have a journal about it, look through those
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
K, can you plz link it or just plz tell meh the name of the journal??
runtyiscute1999 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  Student General Artist
its called "how I make my games for those who want to know"
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rank: Warrior
Clan: Breeze/Star
Mother: Sunstream (dead)
Father: Silvertiger (dead)
Brothers: Darksky
Sisters: Dawnpelt
Mate: N/A
Kits: N/A
Adopted kits: Sleekpaw, Broncopaw
Quick story: "Sunstream!" Heathercloud yowled. Sunstream got a new mate since Silvertiger had died and had 2 kits, Sleekkit, and Broncokit. "Don't leave me!" Heathercloud meowed with tears rolling down his face. "Take my kits, out of the fire, please, without... Me......." Sunstream tried to finish her sentence but her heartbeat went slower until their was no more. Heathercloud grabbed her kits and ran out of the fire into a safe place.
Crush: Feathersand
Looks: (looks like Heathertail 100 percent)
Personality: Trusting, gives things up, nice, kind, caring, protective
Death: (how Bluestar died)
Death story: Their was a battle with Breezeclan and Stormclan. Heathercloud was hanging around near the end of the gorge. He was looking at the sky when a cat clawed him in the neck, and Heathercloud fell off the gorge. "Heathercloud!" Moonclaw yowled. Moonclaw, Darksky, Dawnpelt, Feathersand, Broncopaw, and Sleekpaw went to the gorge. "Don't ask." Feathersand hissed. She jumped off the gorge on purpose. "WHAT IN THE NAME OF STARCLAN ARE YOU DOING!!??" Broncopaw hissed. They ran down to the shore near the gorge. "S-Sunstream?" Heathercloud asked. He saw a golden tabby she-cat with green eyes. "Yes." She mewed. "What do I do? I'm drowning?" Heathercloud hissed. "J-" Feathersand got a grip of Heathercloud and brought him to the shore. "Heathercloud!" Darksky yowled. "Broncopaw, Sleekpaw..." Heathercloud mewed. "Yes?" Sleekpaw and Broncopaw asked. "I'm not your real father.." Heathercloud confessed. "Who is?" Sleekpaw asked. "Look, I'm nothing like your dad Whitestar. Your mom is Sunstream, my mom... We're siblings.. The old camp was on fire and she made me take you away from the fire.." Heathercloud told the truth. Darksky looked down. "I've never forgot that night when Sunstream died.." Darksky mewed looking down. Dawnpelt walked up to Darksky rapping her tail around Darksky. "And Feathersand..." Heathercloud mewed. "Y-yes?" Feathersand asked. "I-I was to afraid to tell you this but, I-I think your the most beautiful she-cat I've ever seen.." Heathercloud whispered. Feathersand pressed her nose on Heathercloud's nose and felt Heathercloud shiver. "You are the best litter mates, and friends I could ever ask for..." Heathercloud mewed. "You'll be in a better place." Feathersand mewed. "I-I'll always watch over you guys..." Heathercloud mewed. Everybody started to cry and Heathercloud's eyes shut and had no heartbeat.
RabbitdogAJ Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015
Name: Rust
Age: 51 Moons
Gender: Tom
Rank: Deputy
Former Clan: Mistclan
Clan: Fearclan
Mother: Stalk
Father: Flint
Siblings: Enchant, Treefur, Socks.
Mate(s): Ropeburn
Kits: Rage.
Traits: Ruthless, Swift, Cruel, Vengeful.
Appearance: A dark brown, Orange markings, Yellow eyes, And a Red Dog Tooth Collar.
Bio: As I passed the other kits, I could hear them muttering disgraceful things. "He's Crazy." One giggled. "And smelly!" The other ones whispered back. I paused. "Crazy? No I am NOT! Its TRUE! The dream was True!" I hissed back at them. "Oh look, I had a nightmare, I'm so special!" One laughed along with the others. I bared my teeth. "Enough!" Sourkit (Socks) hissed. "What if it was a vision? Your all just jealous you didn't get one!" He scowled. "Jealous? Of a foxdung like him? HAH!" They all laughed. "Stop it!" One kit emerged from the shadows. "You have no reason to pick on him! He's a kit just like you! How would you feel if he called you Smelly, Or Crazy? Stop what your doing you worthless kittypets!" She yowled. "Hmph." The group of kits walked off, muttering.
"Thanks." I sighed. "If you didn't come along, they WOULDN'T Have stopped." I dipped my head. "No problemo, So, Im guessing your Smallkit?" She smiled. I purred. "Why, Yes. How'd you know?" "I know your scent, Duh." She smiled playfully. "Oh, Yeah, Im Ropekit. Call me Rope, for short though." She purred happily.
Theme: Demons-Starset. (This actually fits.)
Death: Killed by Secondchance.
Death Theme: Monster-Imagine Dragons
"The Dream.": Rust, as a kit, would always get this nightmare, it was a pitch black cat, sitting there with an insane emotion on its face. His eyes were pitch black, and he was wearing a red dog tooth collar. Blood was dripping from his eyes, and each time Rust got this dream, *Every Few Months* The more the blood would drip. (As in to his hips at the first month, then to his paws,  the next few months.) There was also a pool of blood at its feet, and his left ear was chipped. Representing the monster he is today.
RabbitdogAJ Featured By Owner Edited Feb 14, 2015
Name: Scar
Age: 40 moons.
Gender: Tom
Rank: Elder
Former Clan: Mistclan
Clan: Fearclan
Mother: Flyingwind
Father: Redstorm
Siblings: SecondChance.
Mate: None.
Kits: None.
Traits: Ruthless, Vengeful, Swift, Small.
Appearance: A dark brown fur, A somewhat darker ear marking, light brown tortiseshell markings, and a dark green dogtooth collar 
Bio: Burnscar ears perked, he glanced around the clearing as a scent came closer. "Clanners." He snickered as he passed by the bushes. "I Swear, If I see ONE More Clanner Today." Just then, a rather grewsome scent came to his nostrils. "Erg! It smells like death itself." A black cat, with a scar over his eye then darted out the bushes. Burnscar jumped into his fighting stance. "Easy, Buddy." The tom hissed. "I've been sent to retreive ya, Fellow." He sat down, starting to groom his paws. "By whom? What gives you the right t-" The tom hissed. "Temper Temper. I was sent by Widowstar. Leader of Fearclan." "And you are?" Burnscar glared at the cat. "Please, call me Deathstroke. Friend. Anywho, Widowstar was wondering if you'd like to join Us." He purred. "As In join FEARCLAN?" "Yuppers." Deathstroke purred. Scar gathered his thoughts. "Gladly. And call me Burn-" Deathstroke hissed. "Nonsense of a name! No clan names in Fearclan!" Deathstroke eyed the scars that covered his body. "From now on, Your Scar!" He cheered gleefully
Theme: Demons-Starset
Death: Killed by SecondChance.
Death: "I wont let you do this brother! This clan SHALL NOT burn tonight!" Secondchance's claws unsheathed. "Im not afraid to kill you!" "Love to see ya try, Kittypet." Scar smiled. "Your going to burn all of Mistclan if you do this! Mistclan did nothing to y-" Scar hissed. "DON'T you DARE say Mistclan did nothing to hurt me." Scar changed the tone of his voice to a high pitched one. "Oh Scar, Mistclan doesn't deserve to burn for leaving you at the rode to die when you were a cat! Oh no, thats the most INNOCENT thing!" Scar snapped. Secondchance stood there. "Scared, huh brother? Now, as I stated before. I will lay the first hit." Scar unsheathed his claws, and leaped at his brother. Secondchance quickly dodged his attack, jumping to the side. "Rubbish!" Scar shouted before leaping at him once more. this time, Secondchance leaped at his brother, clinging onto his neck. As he bit deeper, the closer the ground got. As they hit the floor, Scar yowled. Scar looked to the side to see Flyingwind, sitting there. He whispered at her, "Help me." Flyingwind shook her head, as in a no. She stood there, watching them fight. As Scar was distracted, Secondchance clawed his stomach, what was left of Scars life soon afterwards faded.
Death Theme: Enemies-Shinedown
DovewingJayfeather Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015  New member Student Photographer
Name- Firewave
Rank- Medicine Cat
Mentor- Silverstreak (dead)
Apprentice- Stormfeather (alive)
Clan- ThunderClan
Mother- Gingerstar (ThunderClan)
Father- Frogstar (ShadowClan)
Mate- Blacktail (ThunderClan)
Kits- Gorsepaw (Brown tom, alive) Moonkit (Silver with white belly, killed by badger)
Death- Killed by ShadowClan leader, Barkstar
Bio- "Firepaw, from this moment on, you will be called Firewave." Silverstreak meowed to Firewave. "Firewave, Firewave!" the medicine cat's called. Suddenly a deep growl sounded behind Silverstreak. "Fox!" Firewave screeched in fear. Silverstreak turned to face the fox but it was too big, it grabbed Silverstreak's throat between it's jaws and shook her violently, after her attempts to get free, she went limp, her eyes glazed over. The fox dropped her and ran. "Silverstreak!" Firewave sobbed..... "We can't do this Firewave, I'm sorry." Blacktail whispered. "But the kits!" Firewave argued. "The kits... They can't know your their mother." Blacktail turned and left. Firewave stumbled into the forest and slept. In the morning two new kit's had arrived. "Gorsekit, and Moonkit." Firewave whispered. A deep growl and rank scent hit Firewave. Badger. She picked up her kits and ran, but stumbled and dropped Moonkit. The badger  grabbed Moonkit and ran. "Moonkit!" she cried in agony. "Firewave... The kits are here.." Blacktail whispered. "She's gone Blacktail, Moonkit is gone." Firewave sobbed. "We still have the other kit." he meowed. "Gorsekit"..... "No! Please no!" Firewave cried in fear as Barkstar towered over her. "Traitor to the Clans! It's time to die!" Barkstar snarled. "No!" she screeched. Barkstar grabbed her throat in his jaws as Blacktail burst through the brambles. "Firewave! No!" he screeched and leapt at Barkstar, Barkstar dropped Firewave and ran, but the blood rushed from Firewave's throat. "My dear.. please don't leave me." Blacktail whimpered. "I'm sorry....."........ 
Cupcakes4dayz Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015  New member Hobbyist General Artist
This was fun. I made the leader of Mountainclan (his name is Flamestar) and it made imagining our clan SOO much cooler.
sophia2005 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rank: Apprentice (soon as Warrior)
Clan: Thunder/Blood/Shadow/loner/Kittypet
Mother: Icesky-White she-cat with green eyes
Father: Pantherclaw-A black Tom with Green eyes
Bro-Firepaw-Ginger Tom with green eyes
Sis-Bunnykit-White tiny she-car with Amber eyes, and Dogpaw-Black she-cat with Amber eyes, white chest, brown paws and ears
Mate-Shadows-Black tom with dark blue eyes and ice cold blue collar, Bramblethorn(died)-Dark brown tabby Tom with ice-blue eyes and black paws, Amberpaw-Golden tabby tom with darker golden paws and Amber eyes
Crush: Fid-o-Male Doberman, Bramblethorn(dead), Amberpaw, Shadows
BFF(in order): Rubblepaw-A gray-blue she-cat with Amber eyes, Blackpaw-a peach spotted she-cat with black paws, ears, chest, and muzzle, and Amber eyes, Hawkpaw-Brown tabby she-cat with green eyes, Crystalpaw-Silver she-cat with white paws and Amber eyes, Lightninpaw-a white she-cat with Amber eyes and light brown paws, Sydney-Black she-cat with purpleish(blue) eyes.
Friends: Ivypool(series), Squirrelflight(series), Sandflight-Pale ginger she-cat with Amber eyes, Flinchheart-Silver Tom with black stripes, Amber eyes, black paws, ears and tail, white muzzle and chest, Honeyfern(series), Spottedleaf(series), Flashpaw-White she-cat with blue eyes, black stripes, muzzle, ears, chest, tail, and paws, Bluestar(series), Blackstar(series), Scourge(series), Snowfur(series), Icecloud(series), Smart car-ginger tabby she-cat with green collar with teeth, and Amber eyes, Graystripe(series), Cinderpelt, (series) Jayfeather(series), Silverstream(series),
Enemies: Carly-ginger tabby she-cat with green or Amber eyes, Onestar(series), Tigerstar(Series), Berrynose(series), Millie(series), Poppyfrost(series), Ashfur(series) Brick(series)
Sometimes friends: Sandstorm(series), Firestar(series), Hawkfrost(series), Sol(series),
Mentor: Smart car/Raccoonflower/Spottedleaf/Pantherclaw
Known as: Sophia, Bluestorm
Personality: Brave, fierce, funny, nice, feisty, beautiful, kind, protective, extremely swift, clever, gets mad really easily, talkative, daring, talented,
Looks: gray-blue she-cat with blue eyes, gray muzzle, ears, one ear ripped off, one gray paw, tail, scar on foot.
•Is part of the prophecy
•can talk to other animals
•is friends with a wolf known as Skitta
•When goes to sleep, goes to Starclan and Spottedleaf trains her
•was on a cruise ship and it sunk (.........)
Theme song: Too many XD
Future kits: Riverkit,-a gray-blue she-cat with Amber eyes, golden paws, and golden stripes, Goldenkit-A golden Tom with blue eyes, gray muzzle, gray ears, muzzle, tail, and one gray paw
Future mate: Amberstrike(Amberpaw)
Future death: dies the same way as Bluestar
Moons: 10
Gender: She-cat
(Soooooooooooo long)
Dustyclaus123 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
name: lightface
I made her a couple days ago <3 
Scourge-The-She-Wolf Featured By Owner Edited Feb 10, 2015  New member Hobbyist Artist
Name: Blood-She-cat, Calico-Tabby mix, Dark Blue eyes, has teeth collar like Scourge and Bone, Dark, Stolen, enjoys sight of blood.
Name When Born: Smallkit.
Rank: Fourth In Command.
Clan: Bloodclan.
Mother: Patchpelt-She-cat(DUH),Looks a little like Spottedleaf, stream blue eyes, Riverclan.
Father: Stripedstream-Tom(DUH), Lost Kit of Tigerstar, dark blue eye on right, amber eye on left, Best-Skill: Hunting and Fighting, Thunderclan.
Kin: (Name when born: Frogkit) Frog-Tom, Calico cat with a bit of tabby in him, amber and blue eyes just like Stripedstream, Bloodclan, Stolen.
Kin: Hawkpaw-She-cat, Calico a bit but mostly Tabby in her, amber eyes, Bloodclan, Stolen.
Mate: Scourge-Tom(DUH), Jet black fur with one white paw, deadly, Bloodclan leader(IF YOU DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW), Best friend: Bone.
Kits: Brick and Boulder(Don't judge... ;_; ).
Zippiekat Featured By Owner Edited Feb 8, 2015  New member Student Artisan Crafter
Name: Poppyflower
Clan: Riverclan (BEST CLN EVR)
Mother: Choclate-Brown tabby shecat with blue eyes
Father: Fox-Reddish tom
Sister: Wolf-Brown shecat with a white chest
Brother: Frogleap-Greyish-brown tom with amber eyes
Mate: Blaze-Ginger tabby tom with ice blue eyes
Kits Bouncekit-Ginger tom, Skykit-brown shecat
Looks: brown tabby shecat with a white chest and amber eyes

<3 warrior cats :love:
Gingerheartwarrior Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015
Name: Scar
Age: 20 moons
Gender: Male
Former Clan: BloodClan (Kept the collar)
Collar Color: Red with teeth in it
Appearance: Dark brown tom with many scars (used all of them) and blood spatters all over. Has a chocolate brown eye (he's missing one) and super-long (and sharp) claws. Has torn ears as well.
Personality: He is cruel to all cats except his little group. He will either A: Kill you, or B: Warn you a few times to get off his territory, leaving about 10 scars each time. He can break your limbs if you are not careful.
History: He never shares. The options he will do are in his personality.
Kin: He killed them all.
Other: None
RabbitdogAJ Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015
I have an OC named Scar. (I made him before reading this.)  Hes kinda like this, hes in one of my clans named "FearClan." He fights ruthlessly, but he has a rough past. So, they're alike kinda xD
Gingerheartwarrior Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015
Name: Flamestar
Age: 30 moons
Gender: Female
Appearance: She is a bright orange she-cat with dark amber eyes, darker orange patches on the tip of her tail, ears, chest and belly, paws, and a dark red star on her haunches.
Clan: StormClan
Rank: Leader
Deputy: Darktail, Deadclaw, Shadowflower, Fernpelt, Redleaf
Lives Left: 7/9
Personality: She is a sweet, caring, kind, and protective she-cat. She knows how to lead her Clan and sees all of the cats in it like her family. In battle, she can be ruthless and cruel to protect her Clan.
History: Born inside the Clan, she was the leader's daughter and was treated with respect throughout her kitship, apprenticeship, and even when she was a warrior And not even a senior warrior at that. When her father died, an evil cat named Stoneheart, also known as Stonestar, became leader and made her deputy. He didn't live long, though. He was never able to receive his nine lives from StarClan, as he was the one who killed his own leader, and countless other cats. Instead, the leadership was given to Flamefur, who is now Flamestar.
Crush: No one, she already has a mate.
Cats who have a crush on her: Fireclaw, Redleaf, Shadesand
Mate: Oceanwave
Sons: Sunkit, Stormkit, Riverkit
Daughters: Snowkit, Moonkit, Maplekit, Mosskit
Apprentices: Wolfpaw(claw), Foxpaw(storm), Blackpaw(deceased), Sandpaw
Mother: Thornfur
Father: Stormstar (Deceased)
Brothers: Loudkit (Deceased), Lionclaw, Rabbitshade
Sisters: Leafheart, Grasspaw (deceased), Turtlepelt
Friends: Everyone in her Clan except her rivals
Rivals: Coldpelt, Frozenheart, Thistlepelt
Distant Relatives: All are deceased, but are said to be kittypets, loners, and rogues if they are still alive.
Other: None
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MAde existing oc.... not what i hoped ... yellow aint bright enough and no stripe from top of head to nose 

I am just pick about hpow my ocs look
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mother: DEADSOUL
Siblings N/A
looks: dark ginger tabby shecat with blood red eyes

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Clan: Oceanclan
Rank: loner deputy(formally)
Age:49 moons or 4 years
Mother: Mothwing
Father: Viper
sister: Autumn,  pepper
Brother: Webpelt
Looks: blue shecat with white patches and light blue eyes

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Name: FalconFeather
Gender: Tom-cat
Clan: Midnightclan
Rank: warrior
father: MudFlight (dark brown tom with ice blue eyes ~dead~)
Mother: Featherheart (long-haired gray she-cat with green eyes ~alive~)
Sisters: Silverheart (silver tabby she-cat ~alive~)
Brothers: Brownclaw (brown tom ~dead~)
Halfbrother:Wetpaw (gray tabby tom ~Featherhearts and Greenhearts kit~ ~dead~)
Mate:Hawkheart (Pale brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes ~dead~) Goosewing (black she-cat with silver patches)
hawkhearts kits:FlowerStem (Pale brown shecat~alive~) Zebrastripe (white tom with black stripes~alive~)
Goosewings kits: Poolkit (silver she-kit ~dead~) Applefawn (Very pale brown shecat with light green eyes~alive~) Breezeheart black tom with silver patches ~alive~)
mentor: Graywhisker (gray tom with yellow eyes~dead~)
apprentices Iceheart (white shecat ~alive~) WingPelt (Silvery-gray tom ~dead~) BadgerStripe (badger patterned tom ~alive~)
Looks: Brown tom with a lighter chest a white tiped tail and ice blue eyes
More: "hey!" Icepaw yelled at falconfeather "thats not fair" "you always have to be ready" falconfeather scolded his apprentice, she dipped her head and muttered "fine" "lets go for a walk" he said to icepaw "were are you guys going?" his mate hawkheart asked, her kits, zebrakit and flowerkit were at her feet, "were going out for a walk" "fine" Hawkheart snapped. as they walked deeper into the forest he smelled his mother, he was curious what she was doing out here so he followed her scent until he found her with greenheart the dawnclan deputy. he snarled and jumped out toward them "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!" he screeched at her. She turned around. he felt icepaw stiffen beside him "what are you doing with a dawnclan cat" she looked at him emotion filled her gaze "because i love him" he let out a low growl and was about to leap when he saw hawkheart appear behind him she laid her tail on his shoulder and pulled him back "its ok" she whispered in his ear "he whipped around staring into her amber eyes. "no its not shes breaking the warrior code" he hissed at her. he spun around to face his mother he opened his mouth to say something really rude but was interupted by another voice a gray tabby tom with clear blue eyes walked in through the brambles "who's this mom???" the gray cat said looking straight at him and icepaw "darling this is your half brother" she purred "No way im your only son" he spat "no wetpaw, you have 3 other siblings, brownclaw, falconfeather, and silverheart" thats when he lost it he leaped at his mother and slashed her across the face and snarled" the second mudflight dies you go off and have kits with someone in another clan" he bit hard on her throat. he was about to kill her when greenheart knocks him off her and digs his claws into his side as falconfeather and greenheart tumbled hawkheart told icepaw to go back to camp, once she did hawkheart joined the battle. falconfeather tried hard to knock greenheart off but he was to strong. thats when he felt hawkheart come to his aid the to slashed greenheart until he fell on the ground in a pool of his own blood
Falconfeather snickered at him "thats what you get for breaking the warrior code"  he spun around a little to late to see wetpaw spring at him he threw him off and slashed his face wetpaw growled and charged for hawkheart he ran right into her and bit her throat until she went limp. he let out a loud growl and flung himself at wetpaw locking his teeth around the apprentices neck, he shook him until he went limp then he threw him at featherhearts feet "don't break the warrior code" he hissed in his face as he picked up hawkhearts dead body and took it back to camp.

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Plus I forgot to add on Foxheart
Was that she can speak to any predator animal without getting hurt and is in a wolf's pack, their known as Kwinno
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(This might be Bluestar dam'n long)
(Because it's me as a warrior^^ again)

Clan: Shadowclan
Rank: Deputy
Mother: Dawnshade-A dark Ginger she-cat with green eyes and black paws
Father: Pantherstar-A jet black Massive Tom with green eyes
Brothers: Wolfpelt-A dark gray tabby Tom with white paws and green eyes
Sisters: Dogstrike-A black she-cat with Amber eyes, white chest, and brown paws
And Bunnypaw-A small white she-cat with Amber eyes
BFF: Rubbletail
Old mate: Lionclaw
Old clan: Thunderclan
Fact: When in Thunderclan was leader, still has 9 lives so if she becomes leader of Shadowclan she'll have 18 lives (I'm invincible!)
Looks: Ginger huge she-cat with bright blue eyes, black paws and muzzle(and chest) black ears, and white on tip of tail
Personality: Clever how to get in and out of things, can get pissed off very easily, funny, protective to clan, family, friends, and mate, loyal, brave, fearless, fierce, has weird reactions to stuff, to beautiful that 13 cats have a crush on her, Nice, kind, can't be fooled easily, likes to make friends, does have evil side, can be emotional,
Friends: Spottedleaf, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Ivypool, Breezepelt, Feathertail, Silverstream, Graystripe,, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, sometimes with Sandstorm, Blackstar, Leopardstar, Bluestar, Hollyleaf, Stormfur, Onestar, Mistystar, Scourge, Sometimes Firestar, Ivyfeather, Brightheart, Snowfur,
Enemies: Crowfeather, Russetfur, Tigerstar, Thistleclaw, Berrynose, Daisy, Rainflower,
Is part of the prophecy
Powers: Can speak to Dogs, Foxes, and Badgers and not get hurt, Wind powers, great sight and hearing
Is also known as Fox's growl
Den mate: Tigerstripe
Theme song: She-wolf (Falling to pieces) feat. Sia by: David Guetta
Name: Featherwing
Gender: She-Cat
Rank: Warrior
Clan: Unknown
Appearance: Light grey pelt with dark grey tail tip, ears, and paws. Blue eyes.
Moons: 20
Mate: None
Kits: None
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Personality: Sweet, kind, gentle, especially to kits.
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appearance-dark russet fur, with black stripes, a grayish underbelly and chest, and bright green eyes
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